Getting Started at Your Parish with Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue

What is Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue?

Flexible and Comprehensive

Not a program or curriculum, Disciple of Christ | Education in Virtue® provides catechists and families with the tools and training they need to form their students Christian discipleship by helping them recognize and practice the virtues.

We LOVE your program! We've used it to create a monthly virtue program with our weekend Faith Formation students and created "key chain" cards that include the virtue, a relevant picture or symbol of the virtue, Scripture and a prayer on the back.


Teacher-designed, Practice-approved

All our resources were created by classroom teachers to address real needs of their students and families. Using these resources maximizes the potential to form students, and is showing fruit immediately and years down the road:

Being educated in virtue has changed the way I process life and it will change the direction I take in life because instead of settling for something normal or usual, I realize that there is adventure in the constant growth and humility that comes with being a servant of God. Virtue allows me to be formed and molded by the Father, and that is superior to whatever I would have planned for myself. Isaiah 45:9 asks, “Does the clay say to him who fashions it, ‘What are you making?’” by living a life of virtue, I have been able to step into being formed into whatever God has for me.

Daniel, Age 20

The consistent exposure to the virtue program at a formative age enabled me to turn seemingly small virtuous acts, into the daily habits that guide my personal and professional life. In a culture with growing anxiety and hopelessness, these lessons shape the people that are needed to lead by example and live differently.

— Ryan, Age 23

A Dominican Tradition

Rooted in the Dominican tradition and designed by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Education in Virtue makes St. Thomas Aquinas' theology of virtue practical and accessible for anyone.

"Practical & Accessible" Includes:

  • Complete sets of teaching and display resources, packaged for accessibility and organization.
  • Training that will deepen your catechist's understanding and their own living of the faith.
  • Additional, online resources and support that enable Education in Virtue to be extended into families and the larger community.
The Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue program has provided our diocese an enormous gift. All thirty-five elementary schools in our diocese have implemented the program into the dailyness of school life and community. This has allowed our children (and staff and parents) to truly understand the meaning and importance of living a life focused on virtues. Our diocesan catechist certification renewal hours have been focused for the past two and a half years on this program, also, allowing for our teachers to grow in virtue. All of the resources, for both children and adults are beautiful... The adult/teacher resources are rich and meaningful.

Laurie Power, Associate Superintendent, Diocese of Sacramento

Transform your families into schools of discipleship.

Our resources integrate seamlessly into any faith formation program, allowing you to minimize expenditure of time and energy while maximizing the potential for formation in families.

Durable, beautiful materials that will last for years

We’ve packaged everything you'll need for instruction and display your classrooms and hallways:

  • Instructional Posters for each virtue
  • Virtue Cards displaying ways to practice each virtue.
  • Saint Cards with a prayer for each virtue
It's less expensive than you think!

In service to the Church, we honestly desire every parish and school to be able to implement Education in Virtue and fight to keep our materials affordable for everyone.

Create a culture of virtue in your homes

With a Parish Starter Kit, you get access for every family to our Cultivating the Virtues online course. Incorporating this resource into your religious education program will extend learning beyond the faith formation session. Parents often listen in and learn along with their children as they view our engaging and delightful videos, equipping them to take on their role as the primary catechist of their child and create a culture of virtue in the home.

"Thank you for teaching us the virtues. We always practice them together. I want to give you a huggy."

— Emmie, Age 6

“Thank you for teaching us the virtues. I really like how you always talk joyfully… And you are really good at teaching us the virtues. I’m really growing stronger in faith because of you. I learned a lot of things. You all are amazing.”

— Arabella, Age 8

Things are going very well for our families. We have had very positive feedback about both programs. Many parents have told us that they really like the user friendly aspect of the programs and the solid, easy to understand content.

— Shannon, Parish Coordinator


Get your parishioners ready to share the good news that "happiness is living a virtuous life" as a Disciple of Christ.

Equip your catechists to apprentice others

The Educator's Guides included in your Starter Kit equip catechists with the background knowledge they need to witness to how they live as a disciple of Christ and to apprentice other disciples in the life of virtue.

Virtue Charts provide a quick reference for families, giving the definition of each virtue, opposing traits, and connections to habits of sin, allowing the parish to make the language of the virtues part of its daily life.

Training series will teach your catechists how to disciple students in virtue

Purchase of the Parish Starter Kit includes access for every catechist to our ten-session online course on teaching the virtues.

This high-quality, practical training will prepare catechists to implement Education in Virtue in their own catechetical ministries and to live it as witnesses.

Use a Student Information System (SIS)?

For parishes that use SchoolSpeak or Digital Academy, our built-in connections will allow for you to track individuals' growth in virtue across years and to institute parish-wide virtue-based communication.

Go above and beyond — Reach your whole community!

Our supporting resources will enrich the life of your whole parish — and beyond!

Set your parish buzzing with our eye-catching social media content

Whatever your platform⏤ Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we have content that will uplift and engage your community.

See your feed fill with good news⏤ just repost one of our graphics and ask your parishioners for creative ideas on how to practice the virtue!

Join our digital community.

GoLEPress.com and GoLEDigital.org are designed to meet your needs, with an abundance of relevant content that will reach and enrich the life of your parish.

A plethora of tools at your fingertips

Our library of digital downloads provides the age-appropriate resources your catechists need, on-demand, for example: