Buenos Aires March 2019

with Marcelo Solís

Class with Blas Catrenau

Great class!!!

Plaza de Mayo - Catedral - Casa Rosada - Café Tortoni

Great time!!!

Class with Myriam Pincen

Thank you, Maestra!!!

Class with Jorge Kero

So much fun!!!

Milonga Cachirulo at Salón Canning

The best milonga organizer!!!
The best DJ!!!
Making friends

San Telmo neighborhood

A nice sunny morning!!!

Class with Osvaldo Natucci

Thank you, Maestro!!!

Milonga at El Beso

Carlitos and Sofía having fun with my phone...

Shoe shopping

We need more shoes!!!

Lunch at Prosciutto Restaurant


Class with Mónica Paz

Wonderful class!!!
At heaven!!!

Teatro Colón guided tour and lunch at La Estancia


Class with Ana María Schapira

Thank you, Maestra!!!

At Cachirulo milonga in El Beso

Nice times!!!

La Boca

A wonderful way to start the day!!!

Class with María Olivera

Thank you, Maestra!!!

Class with Blas Catrenau

Thank you, Maestro!!!

Milonga El Rodriguez

The best table!!!
With Blas Catrenau and Héctor Donke, two Tango Champions.

Puerto Madero

Having a wonderful time!!!

Class with María Olivera

Thank you, Maestra!!!

Lujos Milonga

Great times!!!
Yummy end of the night at Güerrín.

Morning practica with Blas Catrenau

Wake up and dance!!!

Museo de la Música

Belonging to Tango
Recovering at "El Palacio de la Papa Frita"

Class with Ana María Schapira

Thank you, Maestra!!!

Parakultural Milonga at Salón Canning

Great time!!!


Estrange beauty...

Lunch at Roux


Class with Ricardo Viqueira

Thank you, Maestro!!!

Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan

Cachirulo Milonga at Salón Canning


Last hours in Buenos Aires

We will return!!!
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Marcelo Solis


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