ROAring with New Learning 2nd Edition

This week's newsletter is providing many more opportunities for your learning . You will have a menu of 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute items to choose from. Take your pick and find something to invigorate your mind and that of your students.
Imagine all the possibilities that await our students each day. These images encompass what each day holds for our students and ourselves. Not only do we have an opportunity to make dreams come true, but we do great things by facilitating curiosity and creativity.
Here's your 1 minute menu.....

Try out the new Google Jamboard App and have students collaborate and share their thinking. It's a way to have students give feedback and to create questions too. Free and in Self Service for all students.

A great way to start the morning with meeting your students. A powerful move to get students thinking and engaging right away. Keep your morning meetings to 10-15 minutes to gauge where your students are at. These are slides that are built that you can edit to make your own too.

5 minute menu

A really interesting read, especially #5 on face to face time being used for active learning.

"You can then use synchronous meetings for more interactive, engaging work. “If we want students showing up, if we want them to know that this is worth their time,” Kitchen explains, “it really needs to be something active and engaging for them. Any time they can work with the material, categorize it, organize it, share further thoughts on it, have a discussion, all of those are great things to do in small groups.”

We want students to be able to do what they love, given choice and voice. Take a read to see how to make choice boards for assessment in a virtual Bingo Board set up.

Protocols are so incredibly important for deep thinking, no matter face to face or virtual. These protocols given in this site are amazing and can be extremely powerful for students throughout the school year. This links to a google drawing that's linked to numerous templates to improve student thinking and feedback.

15 minute menu

How do we read the virtual class?

This is a 15 minute read and reflection process. Reading the virtual classroom can be done, it just looks different. Take a read and see what pieces might be helpful to your students and you.

Interested in learning more about choice boards and Google Slides? Look no further as this tool can be extremely helpful as students have the option to choose items that can deepen their learning. Slidesmania is full of interesting ways to present content to students. If you have 15 minutes or more, this might be just right for you.

We are all Creative Types. Take a moment to watch the video below......

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