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The Double Seater (Bristol F.2)

Two is always better than One.

Our job is to protect and secure with more power and people.

The Bristol F. 2 or the Bristol Type 22 was one of the first aircrafts with a two man crew.

The top speed was 123 mph with a 39 feet wingspan.

The pilot would sit behind the upper wing and his rear gunner would be positioned in the back with a Lewis Type machine gun.

Airplanes were first used to observe the enemy's front lines and armories.

Most pilots wouldn't live very long since they were always flying over enemy guns.

The life expectancy for a pilot would be 40 to 60 flying hours.

The first evolution of airplanes: attaching GUNS

Machine guns would be attached to the front attacking enemy planes.

Later bombers were created. They were able to destroy industrial facilities and power stations without planning a ground attack.

A further development to the F.2 or F.2A was the F.2B.

The F.2B had a lot stronger engine with a horsepower of 275 compared to F.2A power of 120.

The new design also gave better protect for the crew and stronger gun power.

Bristol F.2B Fighter

Other Facts

The F.2B was in service in 1917 and created by the United Kingdom. 5, 308 planes of this model were produced.

The Bristol F.2B

There were four types of the F.2B and a F.2C. The models were for hotter weathers, better field of vision and improving reinforcement of the structure.

The Bristol F.2B

Most planes dimension were a length of 25.82 feet, a width of 39.24 feet, and a height of 9.74. Empty, the plane's weight was 2,150 pounds.

The average cost for the plane not counting the engine, equipment, and guns was around £1,350 in 1918.

The Bristol F.2A and B both retired in 1930 lasting only fourteen years due to the fact that they were no longer needed and technology was evolving to a new and better generation of airplanes.

Fun Fact

If you were to buy a Bristol F.2B Airplane model kit, which only has the dimensions of 16.4 x 24.9 x 6.2 cms, it would cost you $6,319.

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