Iris Goddess of Rainbows By isaiah Tucker

Iris was the goddess of Rainbows as well as the "personification of the rainbow in Greek mythology," ( was also a messenger for the Greek gods alongside Hermes. From what we've found there is no specific myth focusing on Iris. But she does play a pivotal role in several important stories such as in Jason and the Argonauts The Odyssey,The story of Persephone and several others.

Origins of Iris

Iris was born to the Titan Thaumas and the cloud nymph Electra alons with her sisters Arke, Aello, Celaeno and Ocypete. When Zeus and the Olympians fought the Titans, Iris fought with the Olympians while her sister Arke sided with the Titans. During the war her sister had her wings removed by Zeus and gave it to her as a gift. Eventually the wings would end up in Achilles posession on his sandals.

Her limited role in the story of Pershpone

In the story of Persephone, Iris served as a secondary messenger for the gods and was the one to break the news to Demeter that her daughter was in the realm of Hades. Unforutenaly "Demeter did not respond to Iris' entreaty.(" After this not much is said about her in the rest of the story.

Her role in Jason and the Argonauts

When Jason and his Argonauts land upon the island the blind seer Phineus. Upon seeing his torment two of the Argonauts Kalais and Zetes pursue the Harpies, Iris's sisters. After a failied trap by the two she " Chided the brothers for trying to harm the Harpies because they were there to punish Phineus with the consent of Zeus. Iris swore upon the river Styx that if the brothers would stop their pursuit of her sisters they would no longer torment Phineus." ( This shows that at times she had to be a mediator at points in the many myths she takes part in, showing her rather rational side.

Her roe among the gods

Among the Gods Iris was the Handmaiden of Hera as well as a messenger for the gods along side Hermes. She was also one of the few who had the ability to go to the underworld freely, as such aside from Hermes she was the only one who could enter the Underworld. Since she had this ability and the gods sometimes were so mistrustful of each other there was only one way for them to know the other was telling the truth and that was for them to pour a pitcher of water from the river Styx, which Iris would be used to go and get said pitcher.


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