Paul's First Missionary Journey by katie

  • They set sail from Seleucia, the port of Antioch in Syria. They sailed to Cyprus, where their first destination was the largest city on the island named Salamis.
  • Cyprus had a large number of Jews living there.
  • Paul and Barnabas visited several synagogues in order to find an audience for the gosepl, John Mark was there to assist them.
  • The key locations in Cyrpus were Salamis and Paphos.
  • Important encounters: Sergius Paulus, Elymas.
This is the journey that Paul took.
  • At the court of Serigus Paulus, they meet Bar-Jesus. He was jewish, a magician and a false prophet.
  • He also goes by the name Elymas, a semantic word meaning 'magician'.
  • Philip confronted Simon Magus in Samaria; this can now be paralleled to Paul meeting Elymas in Cyprus.
  • Elymas tried to dissuade Sergius Paulus from believing that if the Proconsul paid too much attention to Christianity, he would then have no time for his magic.
  • Paul punished ELymas, for being a false prophet and for lying about Jesus to the local governor. After Paul punished the Elymas the governor heard the gospel message and was converted to Christianity.
Significance of the Missionary
  • As a result of Paul's visits, both 'God-fearers' and complete pagans were converted to faith in Jesus Christ.


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