Insulation by ria

History of Insulation

Ancient greeks and roman discovered asbestos(a mineral used as fibres in insulating a house) and also found many different uses because of it's resistance heat and fire.

Insulation is not only used in houses. Before man also made clothes from wool and skins which are insulators

Types of materials used in insulation

There are many different types of materials use, for example: fiberglass, ceramic, mineral wool, calcium silicate, foamed plastic and glass etc

but the most commonly used nowadays is fiberglass. Thermal insulation, such as fiberglass is used to stop conductive heat transfer which is heat transfers from one solid to another (like walls in your house).


The cost on average to get your house sprayed foam professionally installed is about $2,021 or 1894.18 Euros

New Technology

The manufacturing of recycled denim insulation is 100% recycled. First, peices of denim fabric are processed to get a loose-fiber form which looks like cotton candy . Next, the material is treated for resistance to fire, mold, mildew and pests, blended with bonding fibers and heated.

Heat Transfer

Insulation is formed by three different processes:

  • conduction
  • convection
  • radiation

conduction is when heat transfers from solid to solid (physical contact)

convection is transfer of thermal energy in which the energy transferred by the movement of particles in convection currents in a fluid.

Radiation is transfer of energy in waves, that does not need a medium to travel through


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