new year. new us. an inspirational retail recap

January brings resolutions, goals and empowerment to be even better than the year before. It can mean new collections, new trends, new gym memberships but more importantly; a new way of thinking.

From runway shows to politics, 2017 is the year of knocking down boundaries and using the power we have in expression, in speech and in our social media reach to spread the messages that we believe are important enough to share.

There has been a huge influx in expression this season, going to the extreme in very different ways. Whether it’s as soft and ethereal as a fairy tale like Maria Grazia Chiuri's collection for the Dior Haute Couture show or as hard hitting as Vetements branding or Kenzo’s poignant expressionism.

Pushing the limits with exaggerated silhouettes, oversized accessories, bold colours and prints that demand to be ‘heard’. The message of these brands are changing, adapting.

By using social media they are incorporating new concepts and ideas to create excitement and differentiation to a schedule that is continuous and predictable. It’s not just “Did you see Fendi’s Mens Pre-Fall show in Paris this year..” It’s also, “Did you see Kenzo’s latest mini-movie on YouTube.

The use of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube makes these collections and subsequently the message they want to express more accessible to more people.

Published on 25/01/2017, it has 1,126 views on YouTube but a collective 599,804 views on Instagram.

Published on 10/01/2017, this mini-movie has 26,721 views on YouTube and 18,963 views on Instagram.

Published 11/01/2017, it has 2,192,494 views on YouTube and 2,514,966 across Nike and Nike Women Instagram accounts.

Collaborations, and considering a collection as an art installation rather than a campaign, is fast becoming a popular way to promote brands. Not only is it still advertising new designs and innovations but it is educating the consumers, and future consumers, that a brand isn’t subject to its history. That it can grow and adapt and create to reflect how the world is changing around it.

I predict 2017 to be quite revolutionary in what creatives will do to express themselves during this uncertain time; through their designs, choreography - in whatever platform they can use to reach people through social media.

It will be easy to get caught up in the hype - in the political diparagements, in what the competition is doing, in conflicting messages and in the ‘newness’ that the beginning of a year brings. The real challenge will be sticking to the goals set - whether they are personal resolutions or important changes to manifestos. If we lose focus, not only will we disappoint ourselves, but the message we have begun sharing will be lost also.

2017 is about making inspiring and invigorating changes but standing fast to the ideals that have gotten us this far.



NB: all content has been pulled from verified social media accounts, and the figures of YouTube and Instagram views was at the time of making this newsletter and is subject to change.

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