Percy Jackson: Battle of the Labyrinth written by: Rick Riordan Reviewed By: Trey Storr

Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and also a half-blood. This means that he is half mortal, half god. Percy is just now starting his freshman year and before he can even finish orientation, he is attacked by teenage cheerleaders who are really demons. Later on, he travels to Camp Half-Blood, the only place he believes to be safe for him on Earth. There he meets his two best friends, Grover and Annabeth. Grover is a satyr, half man half goat and he is obsessed with finding the long lost god of the wild, Pan. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and it is now her turn to receive a prophecy from the Oracle. Her quest consist of her going down into the great labyrinth and trying to find the great creator of the contraption. She soon finds out that her old friend Luke and his leader Kronos the Titan Lord are planning a great ambush to try and take over Camp Half-Blood. In Annabeth's mind, she thinks that this quest will require 4 people on the job which is forbidden because the holy sacred number for quest is 3. Because of this, she causes different problems throughout the book. Will Percy and Annabeth succeed on their quest?

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Oregeon Storr


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