Kampot a foodies paradise

After 6 days in Siem Reap it was time to hit the coast. It felt like eons since we had been on a real beach and Cornwall doesn't count!

I thought Deb was going to kiss the tarmac

A flight and a ferry ride later we made Koh Rong our home for the next 2 weeks (1 week on each island) while our bodies adjusted to the travel, time difference and whatever is in the water.

another day another beach - Koh Rong

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and stopping for lunch halfway through our 2 hour taxi ride from Sihanoukville to Kampot was probably not the best decision I made that week, although I would not become aware of this for a few days yet.

The second morning we adventured outside the hotel for breakfast and discovered Ellie's, un understated treasure trove of favourites and twists on traditional dishes.

While I had some sort of peanut butter smoothie granola concoction Deb played it safe with Eggs Benedict.

After spending the last few days in the hotel and a small trip to the hospital it was good to leave my tummy woes behind and get outside again. Taking a tuk-tuk for a 30km ride down to Kep was a great way to see the countryside and visit the seafood markets.

RikiTikiTavi soon became a favourite dinner spot as it was not only perfectly placed on the river to watch magical sunsets.....

....but the food was definitely a cut above the rest while the prices remained more than reasonable.

On this occasion we shared:

On our last night we tried Ateliers, another upmarket well positioned restaurant. And while the steak and prawn dishes we ordered held plenty of promise with the presentation and flavour they were let down by the texture of the main ingredients.

While I was sweating out whatever was ailing me Deb was downstairs in the hotel cafe banging away on the computer as normal having a chat with whoever was nearby. So when I came downstairs and found her chatting a way to some guy I was not surprised until when I got it in earshot and Deb asked if I knew this bloke.

My head wasn't really clear yet and so I struggled for a few seconds until I heard one of them mention the word 'ragtrade' and then suddenly realised it was "Johnny", a guy I had worked with 40 years ago!

A lovely sunset cruise up the river to find some fireflies.
Sunsets and exotic locations always bring a smile

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Thanks for viewing.


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