Don Quixote By: miguel de cervantes


  1. Don Quixote: The main character is a chivalrous hermit who is a bit of a lunatic. He has a knightly confidence, but has not been formally knighted, despite Don Quixote thinking otherwise. Gone mad from reading too many knight-related books, which has caused him to confuse fiction and reality. He is determined to set off on a journey to win the respect of his invented ladylove, Dulcinea del Toboso.
  2. Sancho: Don Quixote's loyal squire, Sancho, is a poor, illiterate man who is seemingly oblivious to Don Quixote's mental instability. He occasionally serves as a consultant for Don Quixote.


The setting is 17th century Spain, there are many hills, grasslands, and the occasional small mountains.


Created with images by katiebordner - "los molinos" • Anher - "cervantes don quixote madrid"

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