Land purchase project preserving the huni kuin tribe & the rainforest

The land purchase project was launched by Living Gaia in November 2018. The aim is to preserve the indigenous tribe of Huni Kuin in Acre, Brazil and the rainforest with its unique flora and fauna.

Living Gaia e.V. is raising money for the Huni Kuin, so they can create and own a permanent habitat and thus protect it from exploitation. A piece of land (approx. 14.000 ha) formerly used for cattle breeding is to be bought and reforested for 300,000 euros.

Living Gaia e.V. - IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00 - BIC: GENODEM1GLS - Keyword: Amazon land purchase

2013 we have founded a non-profit organization, the Living Gaia e.V. In early 2014 it was recognized as a charitable organization and registered as such. This allows us to collect donations for Living Gaia. We are aiming to make the donation process and the development of projects as transparent as possible, both in view of what the donations will be used for as well as how the projects proceeds.

Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling - Living Gaia e.V. - Berliner Str. 53, 10713 Berlin, Germany - fon +49 30 79403392 - fax +49 30 79403393 - contact@living-gaia.org

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Txana Bane, son of Huni Kuin tribal chief

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