Frederick Douglass BY: Jaden Reynolds


Frederick getting taken from his mother

Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County, MD on the year 1818. Frederick Douglass had a mom named Harriet Bailey that he was taken away from when he was a slave child.

Why Frederick Douglass is Famous

Frederick giving a speech

Frederick Douglass is famous for being a abolitionist leader. He made it out of slavery unlike any other slave would. Achieved international fame as an inspiring and persuasive speaker and writer, and etc.


one of his books

Some accomplishments Frederick Douglass had were books he published. Escaping slavery. Gave speeches. etc.

The Impact Frederick Douglass Had

The impact Frederick Douglass had on the united states was helping Abe Lincoln decide to end slavery after the civil war ended. which was the 13th amendment.

How Frederick Douglass Celebrated

A biography about him

Frederick Douglass is celebrated by books like biographies that tell about what good things he did and about his life. Birthday events they celebrate for him are on the 14th of February .

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