Bookland Where peace exists!

We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.

Our Seal: We chose a book to symbolize the importance of adventure and education. The places a book takes you along with what you learn is important in our community.

We as members of the Bookland community, promise quality education and life-changing experiences for all. We work together as a community to create hard-working and self-reliant citizens. The community will also provide opportunities for adventure and plenty of time to read.

1. All citizens must receive an education.

2. Hurting others is not allowed.

3. All country music is banned.

4. Every citizen is required to read one book a day.

5. Each citizen must work a given 8 hours a day.

6. All citizens may choose what hours to work.

7. There is no littering or defacing property.

8. There is no whining, pouting, or complaining.

9. All citizens must participate in at least one adventure activity a week.

10. All citizens must participate in at least one public service activity a week.

Our community is located on the island Barbados. Barbados is famous for its literacy rate at 99.7%. We hope to make that into 100. This island is perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reading. With its many geographical high lights and the local wildlife, there is no doubt that every citizen will find adventure.



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