March for Science Grassroots Crowdrise Toolkit

Our voices are being heard. Our movement is growing. But there is still so much work to do as science and our communities continue to come under threat. To fight the attacks, we need to continue mobilizing millions of supporters to speak up and take action; we need to continue building a movement for science.​

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

Tell Your Personal Story: Why does the March for Science matter to you? What will it mean to you when your friends and family donate?

Promote Your Fundraiser: Don't forget to share your fundraiser with your community! Post it on Facebook and Twitter, make it your IG bio link, and email it to your friends and family so they can get behind your support of science! Check out sample messages below!

Thank your donors: Don't forget to thank your supporters for their donation! Personalize each message so the donor feels unique. It can be as small as a "thank you" or even a .gif that shares the same sentiment

Messaging Center

Share our goals with your friends and family: We will work to keep bridging diverse communities and breaking communication and institutional barriers to champion science for the common good. And we will facilitate joint collaborations among local groups and national partners on collective future-forward goals that ensure equitable science policy is front and center in future elections.

Use these sample messages to share on you social media profiles:

Join me in supporting @ScienceMarchDC and help fight back against attacks on truth and science! Donate here: [insert link to your fundraiser]

There is no Planet B. We need to invest in science for the common good to protect our future and our present! Join me: [insert link to your fundraiser]

I believe in science, not silence. We need to organize, mobilize, and speak up in order to fight attacks on science! Join me: [insert link to your fundraiser]

Merch for Science

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