Biography Driven Instruction By Bethany, Madeline, Marlee, and Jordan

Biography Driven Instruction, or BDI, is a research based instructional method that emphasizes reciprocal facilitation and navigation of the official classroom space and unofficial space of students lives outside the classroom, which draws on assets of both spaces to promote culturally responsive teaching and learning.

The approach for this instructional method is the Communicative approach.

The method under the Communicative approach is Biography Driven Instruction.

Some strategies for this instructional method is group work, hands on, scaffolding, foldables, guarded vocabulary, visuals, cooperative learning.

Some techniques used with this instructional method are word splash, DOTS chart, magic book, mini book, thumb-challenge.

Biography Cards allow ESL teachers to learn about students Iceberg's so that the teacher best knows how to scaffold instruction based on the students needs. Biography cards ask about all aspects Prism Model, but it can be altered! An example might be asking students what their past academic history is (have they been homeschooled or been to all their years of school), what their home life/family is like (divorced, lots of siblings, only child, etc). It can also ask students about their L1 and L2 and even fun questions like what they love to do as hobbies!

i+TpsI ---> Individual student, Teacher-directed, Partners, Small teams, Individual accountability

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