Music A Needed resource in life

(Description) Music, although you may not think it is important, it is. Music works on th eautonomic nerve system. This can lead to your mood changing. For example, music could relieve stress and help you to be calm and relaxed. Music also helps keep moods up. For example, at a party upbeat music such as pop, dance, disco, and country music can keep eeveryone happy and full of energy. Music can also hold memories such as a heartbreak or a loved one. Music can also help develop coordination. Music can also help keep brain information. Music is academic, physical, emotional, and a great resoirce in life.

(Problem and Solution) Many people in this world deal with problems such as depression and stress. But, scientists and researchers have proved music can be a solution. Music with a good uplifting beat, such as pop or disco music, stimulates nerves that basically rewire your mood. Another problem people might deal with is Alzheimers. Music helps them feel connected to the world around them. These prove that music can be the solution to many common problems in people's lives.

Left: Music being used to keep information in brain Right: music being used to relieve stress

(Sequence) Have you ever thought of how musicians/composers come up with songs? Today, I'll be answering your question. The website Quora has come up with answers from various people. One in particular, his name is Robby, gave us a good description of what it is like to be in his shoes. He said first, he likes to think outside of the box and break the rules to try to find a new unique sound. He said after that he just plays around with words to find new creative lyrics. Another person, Mike, gives us a whole different side of the story. He first thinks of a melody. Then he thinks of lyrics or a pgrase he likes and works around that phrase. He lastly stated that he just likes to have fun with the rest of it. He says he likes to make music that he feels fits him. Those are some thought processes from musicans and composers.

(Cause and Effect) If you haven't noticed all hit songs have things in common. Here are a few examples of things that make the songs hits. Most hit songs relate to their audience. This means the song brings up a feeling or memory that you can relate to or feel. Hit songs also have good vocals. This means they have strong singers who can make just about anything sound great. Other hit songs may also have distracting raps, rythms or catchy tune or phrase. Songs with a fast rap make people remember the rest of teh songs that they can understand. With a catchy tune or phrase being repeated over and over it is bound to be stuck in your head for awhile. All of these causes lead to te affect of a great new hit song.

(Compare and Contrast) Music has many parts. Some of these parts include composer, musician, and producer. Music doesn't start with a producer or musician. It starts with a composer. A composer is the person who arranges and peices together a music piece.. Whta does music need to be perfomed, played, or sung? A musician. A musician is a key role in the music industry. Tey are the ones who make music come to life How does music get ut to people like us? Through a producer. A producer is the most different fromt he rest. They have no part in making or preforming the actual music. They make the finishing touches on the music and introduce the song to other record labels to try to get it to be a hit song. Based on these conclusion, musicians, producers, and composers are no where near the same. But one conclusion I can draw about all of them is that music needs all the parts.

Music Composer (Left), Musician/Music Artist(Middle), Producer (Right)


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