''Through The Glass''

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape Photography is a technique that relies on depth, wide angles and rules of thirds. Photographic filters and adjustments can be added to the photo by using editing software such as 'Adobe Photoshop' to enhance the image.

To capture this photo I took my iPhone 6s Plus and used Adobe Photoshop to edit the image to give it a more rustic, fantasy effect as this is the genre that I hoped to achieve.

The image that inspired me was a wide shot of a scene from 'Harry Potter' where the Hogwarts Express is on the journey to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Express



What is Black and White Photography?

Black and White Photography is a technique used to bring emotion and realism to images. Black and White images usually have strong harsh shadows to create a sense of mystery or danger. This is often achieved through capturing a RAW image and adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast using editing software such as 'ADOBE Photoshop' to create a black and white effect. A black and white filter can be layered over the image to create the same effect.

To capture this image I took a NIKON (DS300) DSLR outside to capture the image in natural lighting and real life backgrounds in comparison to using a studio. I feel this gives the image a realist effect/approach. I then used Adobe Photoshop to create the Black and White effect by adjusting the exposure and contrast.

The image that I hoped to achieve is a black and white photograph of an urban typical 'bad boy' relating to films such as 'Gangster' that falls into the genre of 'crime'.



"Blurred Power"

What is a Forced Perspective Technique?

The Forced Perspective Technique is an optical illusion to create a sense of an object appearing larger than it is. This is achieved through low angle shots. This often makes the object or person come across as dominant and powering.

To capture this image I took a NIKON (DS300) DSLR outside to a desired location to capture the image in natural lighting and backgrounds rather than using a studio.

This image is inspired by 'Alexander Rodchenko' a Russian photographer. The film that i tried to relate my photograph to is from the film 'The Man With The Movie Camera' (1929).

Man With The Movie Camera


"Lake of Doom"

What is a Panorama?

The panoramic technique creates a series of images panned across the same scene. These images are stitched together to give a wide perspective view of the whole landscape from different points.

I captured this image by taking a DSLR camera and tripod to a lake to capture the image. I decided to photoshop the image to by adding blue tones to create a cold, horror effect.

The image I hoped to achieve by taking the camera out to a lake is a panorama of my take on the lake scene from 'Freddy vs. Jason' which falls into the horror genre.

Freddy vs. Jason


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