FOOD Ancient egypt

Geography was the greatest influence on how people lived and grew food in Ancient Egypt. Farming started circa 5,200 B.C and was the main way to get food for the Egyptians. Food was either grown on farms or gathered from animals such as cows or sheep. Every class in Egypt (High Class/Middle Class/Lower Class) also had its own menu. A menu is the available food served to an individual. Such as pharaohs ate wine with meat or bread, or slaves ate bread with beer.

The Egyptians relied on the Nile River yearly because there was rarely any rainfall in Egypt. The Nile River would flood onto the riverbanks of Egypt and create fertile soil. This fertile soil would allow the farmers of Ancient Egypt to grow and harvest plants, and raise animals. But, there were times of the year where the Nile River wouldn't flood at all, making the already planted crops die because of no moisture. Tis caused the Egyptians to create the seasons. The seasons helped tell the farmers when to and when not to plant any crops. But they still didn't solve the problem about times of the year they had no food. Thats when they started using irrigation, the process of navigating water for the use of crop growing, to capture the water from the Nile and use it to help them plant.

Meat was mostly eaten by the higher class people of Egypt, but also the lower class on special occasions too. Their animals were raised on farms and fed daily to be kept healthy. These animals were usually pig, cow, sheep, and goat. But other animals such as duck, deer, and sometimes alligator had to be hunted for food. There were specific people that went out to hunt as a job. But sometimes Pharaohs went out to hunt with their children as a bonding experience between the two. The meat they ate also paired beautifully with wine.

The main crop they grew was wheat because that is what made bread, which was the main food that was served to all Egyptians. The second was barley because that made beer which they mostly drank. The third was not specified, but it might be carrots or onions as those were grown quite often. The way they gathered these crops was a two-man job. the man cut the grains with his sickle as the woman gathered the grains beside him. After they gathered the crops, thy tethered the animals and fed them some of the crops. Sometimes the animals were willing to follow, but other times they weren't in the mood.

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