March for Science Sydney 2017 Earth Day 2017 — for evidence-based policy and economy

FROM institutes and universities, from organisations and from the public they came to fill Sydney's Martin Place to overflowing. April 22 — Earth Day — was a special day this year as people rallied for a return to rationality, knowledge and for evidence-based political policy and an evidence-based economy.

After speeches in Martin Place the crowd, and it was substantial, moved along Phillip Street, into Macquarie Street, past NSW Parliament House and into Hyde Park where, around the Archibald Fountain, people met and mingled.

Although the focus of the day — rescuing science and society from aberrant politicians and corporations — was serious, the mood was festive. It was a call to place learning, knowledge and the process of science first.

The images that follow capture people and their messages, their demands and their visions.

Martin Place in Sydney CBD was filled with young and old, public and scientist, student and visitors from places as far distant as Wollongong University and the Australian National University in Canberra. The crowd was too large to fit into the upper area of Martin Place and flowed across the road.
Chika, representing the Aboriginal people on whose ancestral land Sydney was built, welcomed participants to his peoples' traditional country.
Luke Briscoe, director of Indigi Lab, spoke of how Aboriginals practiced their own form of science and entertained the crowd with song.
Civil society advocate and feminist, Eva Cox.
Ex-prime minister, company director and past Liberal Party leader, John Hewson, was a welcome break with the contemporart party leadership for the crowd. He has a doctorate in economics.
Past-veternarian, now presenter of ABC television's Catalyst science program, Dr Jonica Newby, telling the crowd how the technologies brought together in the iPhone were earlier invented by scientsts.
The Earth Day March For Science event moves off along Phillip Street.
Along Macquarie Street, past NSW Parliament House and towards Hyde Park, the march sretches back around the corner.
Musicians led the march, setting something of a festive tone to deliver a serious political message to politicians and the populace.
From broadcast science on the Australian Btoadcasting Corporation, Catalyst's Jonica Newby and the Science Show's Robin Williams.
Created By
Russ Grayson


Photos and story by Russ Grayson

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