Bigfoot Chevelle

The overall of this is that it was fun and i would like to do this again. Our bot did not work out as we played but we love how are bot came out anyway.we had a hard time figuring out what we wanted to do to our bot.We failed at putting on our glitter machine. We also failed on putting on the letters stand ,and they kept on falling of and we ficked it with liquid cement. At the beginning, we had set backs because we did not have our bot and we had to eyeball it and see if it fit it when we were at my house. When our bot didn’t have anything on it, I thought that we wouldn’t have nothing on it at the end of this project.We need to work on how it looks and moves. Working with my partner is kind of good because she wants to do all the fun stuff , and I get stuck doing all the hard work. I think that the struggle that is in are not is that we don't have batteries so we can’t see how it moves. I think that we need to start focusing on how we are going to battle the other bots. We have accomplished getting it covered with duct tape and getting its weapons done. We tested our Bot on the trampoline to see if it would break , and it did not. We need to work on how it's going to fight. I think that our bots struggling with how it moves.Has an axe on it that can smoosh them .Flamethrower that can burn the medal on it. Spikes on it to scratch there bot. Shovel to scoop them up claws.The way I think i'm going to be able to protect myself self is that since the bots so small that it can move around faster. I am most fearful of the big bots like Jr. and Evans. I think if we could defend ourselves from joey and Danielle's.We are making ours out of duct tape and popsicle sticks. I think that the popsicle sticks will protect it if it gets hit ,and then when we get hit it won't mess up our bot. Some of the materials we are going to use is glitter. Since are bot is little it can hide under things like tables and the big ones can’t.

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