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About me - I have had the thought of doing YouTube ever since I was 13. I thought I had great ideas for a first video or a series, however when I told my close friends the said it's either already been done or sucked in general. In my mind I wanted to tell fellow classmates for advice but I wasn't confident enough and backed away from the opportunity. Since that day I've been debating wether to try making some videos for the world to see, if it was life stuff, gaming or music creation, anything. 2017 came around on Jan 1, as it does everywhere in the world, and decided to just do it. I made my channel 'brainfuzion' and uploaded my first video on new years day. Starting took a long time, and still is to this day. I'm still hoping for some people to find m channel and find it entaining in whatever category the video. It sucks putting in so much effort for it to never get noticed, which is what i'm hoping to turn around with this post. I would really really appreciate if you check out my channel and share some of my videos with your friends. If you subscribe to me let me know in the comments if you came from this website. -brainfuzion


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