Botanical Gardens Trip By santiago and Ben

Featured Plants:

  1. Palms
  2. Cacao
  3. Kapok
  4. Annatto
  5. Papyrus
  6. Epiphytes
  7. Cinchona
  8. Tree Ferns
  9. N/A
  10. Agave
  11. Lithops
  12. Venus Flytrap

Medicinal Plants found in the rainforest:

  1. Jaborandi- Scientific name: Pilocarpus pennatifolius
The leaves are used to treat diarrhea

2. Kava- Scientific name: Piper methysticum

The root is used for sedatives

3. Cacao- Scientific name: Theobroma cacao

The seeds are used to dilate blood vessels

4. Cinchona- Scientific name: Cinchona

Its bark is used to treat malaria

5. Tropical Blueberry- Scientific name: Anthopterus wardii

The Tropical Blueberry fruit is used to provide protection against heart disease, cancer, and other conditions

Sketch of random leaf in the Tropical Rainforest

One of the Cinchona tree's adaptations includes having waxy leaves in order to have water slip off its leaves due the excessive rainfall in the rainforest.

An example of an epiphyte is the Guzamania wittmackii

This plants has a waxy coating on it's leaves so water can runoff easily.

5 examples of plants used for food:

1. The vanilla Orchard. The scientific name is Vanilla Planifolia

The seed is the source of the edible vanilla.

2. Thai Red Papaya. The scientific name is Carica papaya

The whole fruit is edible.

3. Cacao. The scientific name is Theobroma cacao

The bean is used for cocoa

4. Coconut Palm The scientific name is Cocos nucifera

The entire Cocunut fruit is edible

5. Pineapple. The scientific name is Ananas comosus

The Pineapple fruit is edible


"Kava" actually means intoxicating pepper and the most useful part of the tree is the root. If someone is given the Kava drink it is usually for celebrations, weddings or a death at a funeral. 4 ways it can effect the human body are: releases stress, releases anxiety, treats sleep disturbance, and finally relaxation.

Carnivorous plant: Venus Flytrap. The scientific name is Dionaea muscipula.

It catches prey using nectar on its small biting leaves, causing the prey to feed on it and while the prey is feeding on the nectar, it opens and closes its leaves, biting and eating the prey. It catches prey for a food supply.

3 flowers of our choice in the desert

1. Palm leaf Orchid

It is pollinated by insects being attracted to it's bright colors

2. Memoria Mary Nattrass

I think it's pollinated by using it's bright colors and strong smell to attract insects to cause insect pollination.

3. Washington robusta

I think it's pollinated by insects attracted to it's bright colors.

CURARE plant

The Curare plant is used to relax muscles. Hunters find the Curare plant useful, because they extract and purify the woody vine by boiling it to create a thick tar like substance which is the basis of the concoction they dab on their arrows and spears. Doctors find this plant useful, because a chemical found in Curare called "Tubocurarine" can paralyze a patinet's muscles without stopping their hearts.

List of Rainforest Layers

1st. Forest Floor. This floor is very poor in nutrients

2nd. Understory Layer. This layer is very humid and is made up of small trees and shrubs

3rd. Canopy Layer. This layer has an insane amount of plant diversity

4th. Emergent Layer. The tallest trees that break into daylight


Moss plants tend to be very small, because they lack a great amount of water.

Blonde Tree Fern

A blonde tree fern does have seeds and we know this because it has spores.

Desert epiphytes

The desert epiphytes use fungi to absorb water unlike rainforest epiphytes.

Desert plant sketch

Since there is less water in the deserts than in other habitats, the Aloe Vera adapted by having its tissues store large amounts of water at a time in case of no rainfall in long periods of time.

How a desert plant is different from a rainforest plant

In this picture the plant appears to be growing inside of a pot. In the rainforest, they were growing in the ground. Therefore, the desert plants need drier conditions to thrive than rainforest plants

Medicinal Plant in Desert:

Aloe Vera

This medicinal desert plant is called Aloe Vera, and can be used to cur or calm down sunburns.

Lord of the Rings plant

The Gollum plant

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