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Dogs Origin

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Man's First Friend

Many of us can remember having a household pet growing up. Whether it was a dog, cat, lizard or fish, that pet provided us with a sense of wonder, responsibility and companionship. Dog's especially are considered to make great pet's for young children as they are without doubt the most playful, interactive and loving animals.

Dog on a Skateboard

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Dog Breeds

The Irish wolfhound is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. The breed originated from Ireland where the dog's assisted in "wolf hunting" hence their name.

The BBC documentary, "The Wonder of Dogs Episode 1" explores the various dog breeds, their origin, purpose and impact in society

Dog Sledding

Dog breeds

For over 15 000 years, dog's have been our assistant hunters, scouts, protectors and companions. Over the decades different dog species have been bred to serve a variety of purposes and complete a variety of tasks. Today there are over 400 dog species that exist in the world today, each one with their unique appearance and skill set/gift (ex. eye sight, speed, etc.)

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