Nature Activity at FLMNH by Claire Mobley

Nature on Display

All of the exhibits had unique designs that made them striking and memorable for hours after the visit. The cave exhibit was the most attention grabbing in my opinion. This exhibit did not only name the animals that live in its environment or the details of the environment, but also placed the visitor directly into the environment. I walked ten feet, and suddenly, it was dim and I was surrounded by cave walls and cave structures. The structures were completed with such detail; it truly felt like I was in a cave in a vacation spot, instead of a museum in Gainesville, FL. I have never been in actual cave, but I always have wanted to. This cave simulation excited me even further for when I see my first cave, and this realisitc experience made learning about the factual information around caves even more impactful. This exhibit taught how extremely interesting our world is. There are so many different environments to explore and learn more from, and this exhibit exemplified that fact. I found my experience so enjoyable because I felt distant from my academic obligations and I could learn about subjects I did not have much knowledge on.

Descriptions of life in caves within the cave environment

Nature And Ethics

A Museum of this kind is so important because too often people do not realize nature's importance. We cut down trees without a second thought, destroy animals' homes for more open land, and pollute in unhealthy amounts. Meanwhile, we are altering our unique ecosystem and the beauty of our world. We have so much to learn from these places and the life that lives within them. This museum's exhibits, whether it be the dinosaur portion, pictured on the title page, or the butterfly exhibit, we are directly exposed to the beauty that exists around us because of the grandeur and detail of each exhibit. It is important to attend these museums to realize all that our world possesses, and change our attitudes to better appreciate nature's gifts. While I walked around, I felt very connected to the environment, and I missed having these moments to myself to just appreciate nature. I realize I often get caught up in everyday life and forget about how much I love to just sit and appreciate nature. The museum made me want to change my lifestyle to allow for more of these moments because they have an enriching component to them, just as Leopold states, I want to again view myself as a part of the "biotic community" rather than "conquerors of the land".

The entrance to the museum quickly stunned the eyes with colorful murals of varying shapes

Nature and the Human Spirit

As I already spoke about, the Natural History museum allows you to be reminded that our world is a lot more than just us. It is easy to get caught up in the issues in our individual lives, but coming to the museum can make you feel small after being exposed to the earth forms and creatures that live in this same world that you do. The museum allowed me to step out of my routine life because is it not everyday I come across these different parts of the environment. We all have our daily schedules, and attending the museum and learning something I did not know before breaks this tiring cycle. The museum's information also allowed me to learn more about myself self and where my interests can take me. Who knows maybe I want to minor in anthropology after being so intrigued by the dinosaur fossils? Also, this museum can introduce a subject to its visitors and then cause impetus for students to take part in further study. These students would become more environmentally aware and appreciative of all our world has to offer.

Me with a variety of fossils
The fact that each of these bones were found and eventually, after hundreds of years, put back together is mystifying!

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