Shirakawago World heritaGe hida village

Three traditional Japanese mountain villages are world heritage listed. They are called gassho style, which means "praying hands". Due to the high snowfall in the Gifu prefecture, the roofs have a steep angle (45 or 60 degrees).

The living and sleeping areas are on the ground floor. The upper floors were traditionally used for silk worm farming.

Keeping warm by the kitchen fire

The thatched roofs are replaced every 50 to 80 years. The formidable task is undertaken by up to 300 labourers who complete the job in a single day.

The houses are built completely without the use of any nails. Tongue and groove rafters are held together with rope.

Notice the difference of newly replace thatching (left)

It was a rainy, cold day. Even though it was spring, there was still quite a lot of snow on the ground. Rice is not planted here until May.

Snow fences are a necessity
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