Skin, Hair, and Nails By BROOKLYN and Aggie

Functions of the system:

Skin protects your insides, regulates body temperature, takes out toxic substances with sweat. Nails protect tips of your fingers and make it easier to scratch and itch. Hair also regulates body temperature, and protects your skin from the sun. Hair also acts as sense organs

How they work:

Skin: Skin cells work by making a protective layer on the body and act as a shield to keep out the microbes, shield it from the elements and allow the nervous system to expose sensations like hot and cold. Skin is an organ of sensation. Skin has a bunch of nerves in and on the surface. The nerve cells detect changes in the temperature. There are different receptors for heat, cold, touch, and pain. Any damage to these cells is called neuropathy, which results in loss of sensation of any type of touch or feel.

Hair: Your hair starts off growing from a root in the bottom of the follicle. Blood from blood vessels in your scalp feed the roots, which results in more cell production which makes the hair grow, your hair gets pushed through the skin on your scalp when it grows and passes through an oil gland along the way.

Nails: Nails start growing in the nail root, tucked below the cuticle. When the cells at the root of the nail start to grow, the newer nail cells push out the old nail cells. The old cells flatten and become hard, and because of Keratin, a protein made by these cells, Cuticles protect the new nail as it grows.

Location on the body:

Skin: everywhere, if you laid the skin out it would be 20 square feet.


Nails:fingers and toes

1.Skin diagram 2. nail bed diagram 3. Hair diagram

Organs or tissues involved:

Skin: The skin is its own organ

Hair: It uses the skin to help it grow, but it is its own modified version of skin.

Nails: Nails are a type of hair, and they also use the skin to grow.

Possible diseases/disorder:

Skin: Skin cancer, Lupus, Measles, mumps, Acne, Cold sore, Hives, Vitiligo.

Hair: Lice, Chemotherapy for cancer makes your hair fall out

Nails: syphilis, Onychorrhexis (brittle nails), Paronychia (bacterial or fungal infection)

Ways to keep your system healthy:

Skin: Wash yourself, eat the right foods, lotion.

Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, water, hair cuts.

Nails: wash your hands? Clean underneath your nails

Things that can go wrong:

Skin: it could get infected

Hair: it can fall out

Nails: you could lose them, or they could turn purple or green or blue.

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