Self Designed Exhibit #1 In class habits

Often times in class, I find my eyes wandering and not paying attention to the professor, so I am creating an exhibit to help me quit these bad habits.

Step 1: Keeping focus

I am now forcing myself to sit towards the front of the classroom so that I have no other option but to focus on the professor. I normally used to sit towards the back of the class which I have found out has made me develop some lazy habits

Step 2: Put it up

Another bad class habit I have is looking at my phone or laptop to often, so to remedy this, I am coming in every day with only a notebook to take notes and paper instead of taking notes on my laptop.

Step 3: Coming to class prepared and ready to go

My last step to help my note taking strategies is to always have my materials on my desk before class starts and to be wide awake when class starts. I always tend to be half asleep in my earlier classes, but I've actually found waking up a little earlier and giving myself time to get to class has helped make me more alert.

All of these in class strategies should help me to become a better student.

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