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November 2019

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Photos ...

  • Vienna Adventist Academy (VAA):
  • Fall Festival
  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration
  • Women’s Ministries Mini-Retreat
  • Women’s Grow Group
  • Shut-in Visit

Pastor's Message

Pastor Garry Genser

“It’s That Time of Year!””

Autumn is that time of year of taking in the harvest and preparing the winter. Squirrels are squirreling away acorns; birds are heading off to warmer climates. We too, need to prepare. We are told in the Bible:

“Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer,” Proverbs 30:25

How does this apply to your as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach? Christmas marketing is starting earlier than ever, according to some commercial giants, even before Halloween.

Consider approaching the holidays according to this scripture. You may be a creature of great financial strength but yet for your peace of mind, try setting a goal of not spending more than is reasonable for gifs and holidays this year. Why spend more than you have?

“The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down,” Proverbs 21:20

Adventists, besides having earned a reputation for modesty, have also been known for decades as people of moderation in their spending. Enjoy the peace that comes from living a Godly life, full or meaning and devoid of superfluous pageantry in our homes and dress.

Happy Thanksgiving in advance!


Sabbath/November 2

  • 9:15AM Sabbath School
  • 9:30AM Audio/Visual Material due to A/V Team
  • 10:40am Worship Service: Pastor Garry Genser/Baby Dedication
  • 12:30PM Family First Sabbath (No Potluck)
  • 6:08PM Sunset


Abide Worship Weekend

Abide Worship Weekend – Held at Sligo SDA Church 7700 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD on Friday and Saturday November 1-2, 2019. This is a free learning event that will provide music, worship experiences, and presentations to deepen the Holy Spirit’s power and presence in your congregation and your life. We will learn more about Jesus’ example of Spirit-filled worship; experience how Jesus can transform your life and enable you to engage in more authentic worship through a personal encounter with Him; and close with a concert, featuring inspirational vocalist, Duawne Starling, Brazilian musician Felipe Paccagnella, and organ piano duo brothers Patrick and James D. Alston.

For more details, visit www.abideworship.eventbrite.com

SEEDS on Nov 2 & 3

SEEDS is a training platform to inspire, equip and empower pastors, church leaders and followers of Jesus Christ to plant churches where there is not an Adventist presence or church. This event offers unique opportunities to meet and connect with leaders and experienced church planters who are planting and growing churches. Whether you’re only interested in planting or have plans to plant a church, you will discover the Spirit-led, practical strategies for planting effective, growing churches. When: Today at 3:30pm and tomorrow at 10 am. Where: Beltsville SDA Church 4200 Ammendale Road, Beltsville, MD 20705

This year’s SEEDS is free! Please visit link below to register.

Younger Generations Weekend: “Called to Purpose”

  • Friday, November 15 at 8:00pm
  • Pastor CJ Cousins Sabbath, November 15 at 10:40am
  • Guest Speaker Hector Perla

Angel Tree

In the spirit of this quarter’s lesson, our church has an opportunity to share Christmas holiday with “The Least of These.” This ministry reaches out to children and families with the love of Christ and We’re asking our church family to join the effort. Please see brochures posted inside the church doorways. More information to come.

Women's Grow Group

If you’re free on Wednesday morning from 10am to noon, checkout a new women’s GROW group in the Vienna area. The first meeting will be on Wednesday October 16th from 10am to noon. We will be exploring ideas and interests for different projects and activities. For more information contact Becky Feltman (703)281- 0758 or Lee Decker (703)938-3860.

Young Adult Christmas Cruise

Young Adult Christmas Cruise – Young Adults, ages 18 +, are invited to attend a Christmas Cruise Dinner, December 1, 2019, 4-7pm, from Baltimore, MD. This is a black-tie event, and will feature the first Potomac Conference Youth Ministries (PCAYM) Awards Ceremony.

Let’s come to celebrate the great achievements and blessings that God is providing to many youth and young adults within our Conference! Visit www.linktr.ee/pcayouth for more information or to register

Week of Prayer

Foreign Exchange Program

Vienna Adventist Academy will have Korean students arriving in December 2019. They will attend the school from 4 to 8 weeks. VAA is seeking a list of families willing and able to host the students and provide them with transportation during their stay. Each family will get a stipend of $250 per child, per week. If you are interested please let us know how many children you would be willing to host. To express interest or for questions, contact Claudia Bowen at claudia.bowen@viennaadventistacademy.org.

Library Request

Monthly funding sponsors wanted for church library

to order materials that can be shared, used for small group study/discussions or general consumption by our church family and friends. Please contact Davona Rosa for details, at davonarosa@gmail.com or in person at the church library.

Grow Groups Fall Sessions Underway

There is still time to join Grow Groups this Fall. The catalog is available on the church website or in hardcopy at the Connection Center.

Shut-in Member

Many have inquired about visiting sister Jeanetta Harding. You can visit her at the Arleigh Burke Pavillion, located at 1739 Kirby Road, Room 305, McLean, VA. 22101. Visiting Hours are from 8am to 8pm.

Get Connected with Jesus and Our Church Community!

We'd love to help you get fully connected to Jesus and His mission to make disciples through our local church. We'd love to get to know you better. Please fill out the form below so that we can better serve you.

Online Giving

Don’t forget you can submit your tithes and offerings on the church’s secure website, Togethernet. The log on the link below and then click on “Give”!!

911 – Is God Listening?

“Call to me and I will answer you” Jer. 33:3

If you would like to request special prayer, please email office@viennasda.org and Vienna’s Prayer Team will pray for your needs. Each request will be treated with confidentiality. Or use the Prayer Text Line – Send your prayer requests to (541) 646-6384. Garden of Prayer – After the worship service, there will be a prayer meeting in the Kindergarten room. Anyone with prayer needs is invited to attend.

Featured Link: AdventSource

Whether you’re an elder, deacon, greeter, or have been asked by the Nominating Committee to serve in another area of ministry, AdventSource can help. Visit www.AdventSource.org to find the latest ministry resources, training events, free downloads, and more.

AdventSource is the official leadership resource center for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. We partner with NAD departments and other ministry-focused organizations to develop, produce, and market targeted leadership resources and services to assist local congregations in fulfilling their mission. We also handle registration for ministry training events across the North American Division.

No matter what ministries are happening at your church, AdventSource can help. If we don’t have what you need, we can direct you to other organizations and sources of support. Our online store features more than 5,000 resources to help churches achieve their goals and connect with their communities. We provide leadership books, Sabbath School materials, community-friendly seminars, DVDs, brochures, Pathfinder and Adventurer uniforms and supplies, Adventist logo apparel, and more.

To get started, browse our store, email service@adventsource.org, or call 402.486.8800.


Providing local church leaders with quality Christian resources and excellent customer service.


Local church leaders energized by a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, empowered by resources and training to use their spiritual gifts.


AdventSource began on the campus of Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982 as a partnership between Union College and the General Conference Youth Ministries Department. The North American Youth Ministries (NAYM) Distribution Center was created as the central distribution center for Pathfinder Club materials for the United States, Canada, and Bermuda. The next year the ministry expanded to include Sabbath School felts and VBS programs.

In 1985 NAYM set up a store at Camp Hale, Colorado, the first North American Division Pathfinder camporee. Camp Hale was a memorable event for the Pathfinders and launched NAYM as the source for Pathfinder materials. Our first Pathfinder and Sabbath School catalogs were printed and mailed later that year.

As the NAYM one-stop shop model grew, other ministries wanted to take advantage of this new service. In the late 1980s and early 1990s Adventist Community Services, Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Stewardship all set up distribution agreements with what was now called North American Division Church Ministries (NADCM) Distribution Center. With improved delivery services and the benefit of centralized operations, NADCM became the production and distribution center for all North American Division ministries.

In 1997 NADCM was rebranded as AdventSource. The new name signaled a broader ministry focus and paved the way for expanded resources and services. The addition of a toll-free phone number made it easy for customers to call and place their orders.

The launch of an e-commerce website in 1999 allowed for customers to view resources and place their orders on their own schedule, and that web-based infrastructure would lead AdventSource into a whole new ministry opportunity.

With the explosion of ministry opportunity on the web, in 2005 the North American Division asked AdventSource to provide support and training for Adventist Church Connect, which provides websites to churches and schools. The following year PlusLine, the Adventist helpdesk, merged with AdventSource to provide a true one-stop location for ministry.

In 2012 Union College’s growth made it necessary for AdventSource to relocate to make way for additional classroom space. In May 2012 AdventSource broke ground for a new office building on Union College’s campus at 51st Street and Prescott Avenue. Construction began in June and was completed in December. On January 2, 2013, AdventSource opened for the first business day in its new headquarters.

Today AdventSource offers 5,000+ ministry resources, supports more than 4,000 church and school websites, and handles thousands of phone calls and orders each month.

Volunteers Needed for SS Children’s Divisions:

“Um, Teacher, I didn’t get one of those.” The words of a Primary Sabbath School child who was late, again, and missed out on the day’s craft.

“Can we do it again? I want more of those questions.” The words of another child who loves our Bible quiz game.

Our time with these children in Sabbath School is a special joy and privilege. As teachers, we may come to church tired and stressed from our busy week, but we’re energized and blessed by the interaction with these precious children.

Children love Sabbath School! It’s the part of Sabbath morning specifically designed for them. While the worship service might feel like a boring adult barrier to be endured before lunch, Sabbath School is an active, engaging, and multisensory exploration of God’s Word and learning about who He is.

Do you love kids? Do you love Jesus? Want to connect the two? This is an opportunity for mission right here inside the Vienna Church. Our children’s Sabbath School classes need assistant teachers, and in some cases leaders. Experience is not necessary. The current leaders would love to mentor you.

Cradle Roll (newborn-3) during the past three years has grown from three children to thirteen! This thriving class engages our youngest children with music, stories, and toys. They are blessed with a fully staffed Sabbath School.

Kindergartners (4-6 years old) frequently join the Primary class or return to Cradle Roll due to having only a part-time leader with no assistant. It is hoped this will soon change, but the need for assistants who can lead the program is urgent. Kindergarteners need their own class all the time as they are at a different developmental stage than Primary-age and Cradle Roll-age children.

Primary (7-9 years old) is an energetic, talkative group. They love hands-on learning, quiz games, nature object lessons, a little drama, and anything that gets them up and moving around the room. They are slowly learning the books of the Bible and how to find verses and read them aloud. Memorization of scripture and solid knowledge of the Bible is critical because what they learn at this age, they will never forget. The Primary class would also benefit from another assistant teacher, one who might be willing to become a future leader.

Juniors (10-12) is bursting at the seams. This summer many Primary students reached Junior age and were promoted. At the same time, like in Kindergarten, Earliteen and Teen leaders were not always available. Thus, Juniors become a 10-12+ class and frequently had more than 20 preteens and teens present. This is too much for one teacher, not to mention the difficulty of fitting into the room. Juniors enjoy food, contemporary music, and are in the progress of a deep discussion and study of the Gospel of John. Their lone teacher is urgently in need of an assistant.

Earliteens (13-14) struggle with attendance and this is concerning because, as our children enter their teen years, we hope and pray they are choosing Jesus and choosing to stay in church. The Earliteen class is an opportunity for our young people to have their own spiritual community within the church, to have a voice, and to be encouraged to participate in the life of the church. If we lose our young people at this age, we may lose them forever. The current leaders would welcome assistance in creating a spiritually nurturing and socially engaging Sabbath School experience.

So, what kind of person makes a good Sabbath School teacher? Someone who…

  • Is present – dependable, on time, consistent, and good at listening to children.
  • Demonstrates Jesus’s love in tangible ways children understand.
  • Engages children appropriately through all their senses.
  • Makes learning fun with age-appropriate lessons.
  • Creates an inviting environment, aesthetically and socially.
  • And most of all, opens the Bible with the children.

If you feel God calling you to the great joy of working with children or teens in one of these Sabbath School divisions, please talk to the following people about open opportunities:

  • Pastor CJ
  • Lemuel Peters
  • Mike Onoffrey
  • Sabrina Riley
  • Dominique Rodriguez-Sawyer
  • Emily Rosa

If you have need for volunteers or you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office at office@viennasda.org

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Vienna Adventist Academy (VAA) Fall Festival: October 20th

Women’s Ministries Mini-Retreat: October 26

Attendees: (L-R) Ashley Lampkin, Dee Collins, Sabrina Riley, Mia Nyirenda, Janice Henderson, MariaLuz Vasquez, Beryl Achieng Otieno, Davona Rosa, Gaylia Shepherd, Agnes Onyango-Abuje, Ellen Morgan, and Lisa Hamilton (not pictured Heather Pederson)

Women's Grow Group

Shut-in Visit

Pastor Garry and “Blitz” visit with Sister Jeanetta Harding at the Arleigh Burke Assisted Living Facility in McLean, VA.