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There are an insufficient amount of laundry machines in Sikes Hall.

  • Six laundry machines is not enough for 160 residents
  • People get easily irritated because they are forced to work their laundry schedule around other's laundry schedule.
  • When people get irritated from waiting on people to remove their clothes from the machines, other residents sometimes put other's clean clothes on the floor.
  • Often times, residents have to wait in line to use a laundry machine, which is time conflicting.


Solution 1: Reslife should turn the study room on the first floor of the building into another laundry room, adding nine more laundry machines (a total of 15 laundry machines)


  1. Sikes would have enough laundry machines to suffice the laundry needs that residents have.
  2. It would be less crowded in both laundry rooms, which would decrease stress when doing laundry.


  1. Those who utilize the study room would need to relocate.
  2. Part of the building would be under construction.

Solution 2: Breakdown the wall between the kitchen and laundry room, and turn the kitchen into a laundry room.


  1. Sikes would have more laundry machines.
  2. It would be one large laundry room, rather than two individual rooms like the first solution proposed.


  1. Sikes would not have a kitchen
  2. The joint laundry room would not be as spacious as turning the study room into a laundry room would.
  3. This solution would not be able to support as many laundry machines as the first solution.
  4. Part of the building would be under construction.

Best Solution

Transform the study room on the first floor into an extra laundry room. This is the best solution because less people use the study room than the kitchen. If the second solution was enforced, residents who would like to cook meals would be forced to go to a different dorm, which they do not have access to. The only way to get into another dorm is if someone allows you in the building. Proposing Solution 1, people are able to use the common area or go to a different building if they need a space to study in.

Call for action

To my peers who live in dorms, I urge you to take action in changing this problem. This is an unaddressed issue within the dorms that needs to be brought to the attention of Abilene Christian University.

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