Angola By: isaac dennis

The definition of location in geography refers to the specific physical point on earth.

Angolas relative location is it is by the Atlantic Ocean and in the middle of democratic republic of the Congo and Namibia.

The country's capital is Luanda.

Picture of the city in the far.
Picture of the city in day.
A monument in the city.
Luanda lit up at night.

The continent that Angola is located on is Africa.

Epupa falls is a massive number of watet falls that spread over 1km.

Miradouro da Lua is a bunch of colorful cliffs.

Best time to visit Angola is during the winter months like may thru June. The average temperature in summer is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and winter it is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It has 2 seasons hot and rainy season and dry season.

Rainy day in Angola.
A swamp in Angola during the wet season.
A picture of the dry season in Angola.
A map of Africa

Democratic republic of Congo and Namibia.

Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean

A map to show the oceans.

A place is absolute location is defined with latitude and longitude lines.

They have iron ore, diamonds, and manganese.

This is a picture of a diamond mine.
This is another main place for diamonds.
This is a picture of iron ore.
This a machine mining iron ore.

The religion Angola practices is Roman Catholic.

Picture of a Roman Catholic Church.
The outside of a Roman Catholic Church.
The Roman Catholic bible.

Liberation and peace day are some of the holidays that Angola people celebrate. They also celebrated Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday.

A picture of a band during peace day.
Celebrating liberation day.
New Year's Eve in Angola.

Angola is a Unitary Presidential Republic.

1.The president is elected by the people 2. The legal system is based on Portuguese legal system. 3. There are 18 provinces.

The definition of human environment interaction is the way humans change the environment.

Beans, tobacco, and maize.

Bean farm in Angola.
A maize farm.
Tobacco farm.

The most popular jobs in Angola is agricultural and fishing.

Fishing boats in Africa.
Angolan fisher men carrying there fish.
Angolan women working in the fields.

A plant that is endangered is the African mahogany. The reason it is endangered is because deforestation.

African mahogany tree.

A animal that is endangered is the Atlantic humpback dolphin. The big reason the humpback dolphin is endangered because human activity like fisherman.

A humpback dolphin caught in a net by a fisher man.
Dolphins swimming.

The main environmental problems in Angola is desertification. Some solutions is too harvest better and cut down on water pollution.

The definition of region is a area of land that has common features.

There are 4 educational systems in Angola primary, secondary, vocational, and tertiary.

Class room in Angola.
A university in Angola.
A very poor class room.

The population of Angola is 26,655,513. The population density is for every square kilometer there is 20.07 people.

The area on Angola in square miles is 481,400 mi².

Angolas per capita GPD is 5,783.37 USD.

The life expectancy of a male is 50 and a female is 54.

The literacy rate is 67.4%.

Angolas region is tropical grassland.

The definition of movement is product, human or anything that moves and effects the area.

The main exports of Angola is fish, diamonds, fish products and oil.

The main imports are machinery, electrical equipment, and vehicles.

Cars being imported.
Crude oil factory in Angola.
Crude oil and diamonds table.
Machinery imports to Angola.

It has a gold start with a cog wheel and a machete and it's red and black. The meaning behind the red and black stands for death or freedom. The yellow is for the mineral wealth they have.

The flag of Angola.

The way Angola gained independence was NETO declared independence on Angolan people.

Angola is a subsidiary in Microsoft corporation.

The representative in Angola of Microsoft.
Angola won partner of the year 3 times.

The most popular ways of transportation in Angola are bus, railway, and taxis.

Angolan taxi
Bus in inner city Angola.
Train in Angola.

One of the biggest news right now is a dozen of people killed in stampede at a soccer game it happen in February 2017.

Call of duty sued by a family because they used Angolan people in there game.

The stampede.
Where they use the Angola people in call of duty.

The city of Luanda is a great place to visit. There is beautiful beaches, moments and museums, and waterfalls and things visit. There are tons of place to stay like the city of Luanda the capital. There many of nice people in are city and you can ever take a safria ride. So come visit the city of Luanda Angola everyone is welcome.

The city during the day.
A beach resort
Night life.
A beach in Luanda.

The day in the life of a teen in Angola may be different for different teens. Some teens go to work some go to school others are just poor. Some dress nice others dress like nothing but it depends where they are at in Angola. There music is all different but the most popular is hip hop/ rap.

Kids in the army.
Kids in there spare time.
Kids swimming with Luanda in the back.


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