Stop with Standardized Testing. Begin recognizing the well-rounded student.

Standardized tests are notorious for getting in the way of many students' college acceptances...
When in reality, there are so many important attributes or well rounded students that should be considered in the college admissions process!
  • Time, hard work, dedication to sports = well roundedness
  • Colleges and Universities seem to overlook this attribute and instead focus on the standardized test scores of those same students.
  • Athletic excellence > a one-time test score.
  • Learning to play an instrument is essentially like learning to understand a whole new language.
  • Practice, intelligence, and creativity = diversity.
  • College admissions offices ought to take musical ability into account as opposed to a superficial SAT score.
  • Volunteering and becoming involved in extracurricular activities speaks volumes about a student.
  • service and character = well roundedness.
  • These types of students improve a university's student body.
  • Unfortunately, standardized test scores are considered of more importance.
  • Maintaining a solid GPA throughout high school takes hard work, discipline, and time management.
  • Colleges and universities seem to neglect this and instead judge a student's academic abilities based off of a one-time test score.
  • Students ought to be accepted based on their hard work and diversity whether it be in athletics, music, volunteering, or grades.
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Julia Lee


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