Final Reflection Tierre Gibbs

Open Mindedness

The habits of mind were a main topic for this course. We used them as a guide to approaching this course ( or maybe that was just me). At the beginning, when I was more Optimistic about everything, the habits of mind played a big role in my work for this class. Openness is the main habit I focused on personally. Growing up I always knew math and science was my thing, but as far as english and social studies went... I did not excel. I expressed this many times before in various writings for this class. This semester was supposed to be different and it was ini a way. I was supposed to enjoy writing, or at least not dislike it so much. I went into this class ready to learn how to enjoy writing but ended up right back where I was before.

open mindedness


Because games were involved with this course, I felt really uneasy about this class. I already hated the fact that I had to do a lot of writing, but the gaming on top of it made things worse. The only gaming system I owned was a gameboy and a Wii. I only have candy crush on my phone. So the only games I really played were bored games and card games. I have seen Minecraft but it has never caught my interest. However, because I wanted to be open minded about this class I decided to not let it scare me. Instead, I took this opportunity to look in to Minecraft and explore the game. Of course I did not do this until we had to get the game. But once we started working in Minecraft, my curiosity grew. I began to explore and eventually realized that, even though I seemed to be slower than others, I rather play Minecraft than write more.

Responsibility & Persistence

In the beginning, I tried to stay on top of things. I tried to complete all of the writing assignments. But I could not do it. I could not write. Eventually I started forgetting to do things. I forgot journey Logs a lot. I do regret that but I know that was my responsibility. I really wanted to do well in this course but the writing was difficult and I let it hurt me in the end. There were times when I wanted to meet the word requirement but... I could not think of anything to write. I did not want to repeat myself but there was just nothing left.

Journey Logs

For the most part I talk about how much I disliked the writing. I also talked about how writing seemed to come easier to most people than it did to me. I still feel the same way about writing. I just do not think I am the kind of person who can put her thoughts on paper. Two good things came out of this course. The first was that I learned to like Minecraft. That was mostly due to my choices being Minecraft or writing. The second thing this course taught me was writing lab reports are not as bad as I thought. First semester I would dread lab reports. This semester, I still dread lab reports, but it would take a lot less time for me to write one and I got better grades on them. So maybe in a way I learned to write better.

the end.


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