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Married for less than a year, Jason and Anna Ratzlaff were both experienced solo artists when they met, but found perfect harmony in one another as a musical duo. Portraits of Us, the name they chose to brand their partnership, is appropriate, as it evokes thoughts of Jason and Anna, a couple expressing their moods and feelings through words and music, and creating an intimate concert experience for their audiences. Since October, Jason and Anna have been performing together and working on an album of eight songs, which will be released later this summer. Earlier this year, Portraits of Us was invited to be part of the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra’s spring concert. In May, the CSO accompanied the duo and performed an original composition by Jason entitled Guard Your Heart, which blended vocals and harmonies from the couple with the strings and horns of a community orchestra. Jason and Anna’s musical genre and performance style is often compared to that of The Staves and The Civil Wars, both highly acclaimed and renowned musical groups known mostly for melodic arrangements and superb harmonies. With clean acoustical performances and beautifully blended vocals, Jason and Anna have found their starting point in the music world.

Source: Langley Times

Portraits of Us is a duo consisting of experienced solo performers, Jason and Anna Ratzlaff. Portraits of us has a sound that is clean, melodic, acoustic, and balanced with intricate guitar and vocal arrangements. The music of Portraits of Us could be compared to the likes of The Civil Wars, The Staves, and Noah Gunderson. Jason and Anna are currently in the middle of recording and producing an 8-song album, which is due to be released early summer

Source: Star 98.3

The Chilliwack music duo, Portraits of Us, Anna and Jason Ratzlaff will make a guest appearance. This young couple are gifted, experienced solo performers who are building a reputation for themselves with beautifully balanced vocal and instrumental arrangements.

Source: The Valley Voice


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