Sojourner Truth she worked for abrahin lioncon

Younger Years

her childhood was very hard and her father died when she was 3 years old.she met robert when she was 16.then they took robert away because they said that he cant be near sojourner truth.when she turned grown she worked for Abraham Lincoln from the union side.she died when she was old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.and she dont like slavery.

sojourner truth

sojourner truth worked for the union side.she didnĀ“t like slavery at all too.her childhood too it was good but bad because her mother died and her father died too.some of her brothers are slavery.and for slavery they put people in these chokers.and they hated slavery.

sojourner truth

she hated slavery. and she worked for abrahan lincon.she met robert.they wanted to get married when she was 16.then they took robert away because they didnt want robert to get near her.

homes that sojourner truth lived in.

she hated slavery.she married robert in 1712.she wanted to stop slavery.she died in 1539.her father died when she was 3.

sojourner truth when she died.

she risk her life to pray and end slavery.she hated slavery. she dont want to die.she married somebody.she died in 1724.

sojourner truth statue.

she went out with a men when she was 16.and someone said she wasnt a real woman.she didnt like slavery.she worked for union side and worked for abrahin linkon.she rode the bus.

Adler, David A., and Gershom Griffith. A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth. New York: Holiday House, 1994. Print.

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