Bailey Goes On An Adventure By:kaya martin

Bailey lived in a river by a city for about 200 years until her dad got a new job at the Condensation Cloud Fctory. So Bailey and her parents transported and took the evaporation plane all the way up to cloud city.

The clouds were as fluffy as cotton candy but it didn't quite taste like it at all. Bailey's dad's boss "Big Money" thought her father wasn't really doing a good job due to the cloud eating incident he had, so he had to be let go. This actually made Bailey happy because it means they get to move back to her old house.

But when Baliey precipitated her parents didn't come with her and her home was frozen solid. "Mom, Dad?" Bailey shouted out in horror. What if she never saw her parents ever again? And so the start of Bailey's adventure begins.

Is there any hope for this little rain drop?

Bailey's runoff was a rocky ride but went to groundwater city to see her cousin and see if she knows where her mom and dad are.

Bailey talked with her cousin Kathryn and she said she got a letter in the mail that stated "In order to get your parents back you have to pay this randsom -BM" on the bottom of the page it had the amount of money they had to send to the person....$1,000,000.


"Where the heck are we going to find $1,000,000! Baliey shouted. And what does "BM" stand for?"

"I don't know, but we better find a way to get the money and we better find a way fast," Kathryn exclaimed. So they set off to the Lake to see if they needed help watching the ducks.

......It didn't really work out as they thought it would. The ducks were trying to drink them.

"AHHHHH!!!" Screamed Baliey. SPLASH BOOM POW! Bailey and Kathryn were being slurped up into the ducks mouths but luckily they escaped by tossing some bread to distract the ducks.


The duck job only got them $300 and they heard that soil surface central needed some people to work at the train station. So they evaporated and gave that a shot.

"Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOOO CHOO!!" And it was off the train went zooming by on its way to condensation station. Bailey and Kathryn were actually quite enjoying their new job it was fun and exciting to see new people.

"MAIL CALL." One of the workers shouted out, "Bailey Raindrop And Kathryn Drop Top."

"That's us! Maybe it's letter from my parents."

"Maybe" said Kathryn. She opened the envelope and inside was a letter. "It says 7 more days or else -BM." Instead of finding the money to pay for the randsom they set off to fund the culprit that has their parents. They went to the places they haven't searched before, animal planet, glacier and plant county.

They weren't at animal planet....
....Or at the glaciers
...At plant county

"Uhhhh this is useless we're never going to find them!"

"Hey don't say that, we will I promise." Said Kathryn. She looked at the letter they got from earlier and noticed there was a little piece of fluffy white stuff on it. "That's it I know where they are. Our parents are in cloud city!!"

And their off on their way to cloud city once more.


"Big Money?!! Why would you do this?" Said Bailey and Kathryn at the same time.

"Because your father still hasn't paid for the cloud damage he caused so I was keeping him as my slave," Big Money exclaimed.

"Were calling the cops on you and your probably going to lose your company." Bailey screamed.


And so Bailey and Kathryn called the cops and they took Big Money to the accumulation asilym, because he lost his mind after losing his company. Kathryn returned to her home back in groundwater city. Bailey on the other hand went back to the river with her family and they lived happily ever after....that is until her next adventure.

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