Robot that doesn't work The "fail montage" by Jace Borkholder

At first we were thinking big. We were going to make an animatronic teddy bear based off of the bear from 5 night's at freddy's which looks like:

But once we were almost done with the head, we were already thinking it was to big and the robot would take too long.

It took us a little while to find out what our new robot was going to do or be but then an idea came to my mind and my group was happy to except it.


What turned out to be our final decision, we decided to make a penguin that would role on it's stomach and it would have a pencil/marker dragging around behind it which would make the art.

It started off a little rough, I cut the body out not according to plan, the code for the robot was not working and excitement for making the robot was fading. But after gathering ourselves together, we were finally making progress and working like professional designers.

It wasn't until we got to the part about how we would put the motor on the robot and make the wheels, and unfortunately the code also stopped working at that time. We were in a rush. It was no good.

Yep, that is how we all felt.

I was able to 3D print two wheels that would be glued to a piece of wood that would be on the motor. Gluing the wheels went OK, but still the code wasn't working and the motor wasn't gluing to the robot properly. We had one class left.

At that moment we had almost given up but we were determined to get the robot finished. We finally glued the motor onto the robot and the code was set, we hit the start button and the wheels started to move.

But wait for it.............


Even thought the code and the wheels were working, the robot kept tilting over and it just bobbed up and down in place not going forward or backward. That problem was solved when we realized that one wheel was going one way and the other was going another way. That problem was solved in no time because we switched the code for both wheels to go the same way. But then the code stopped working.

I don't know what to say

It was really fustrating. But after all we were able to finish making the robot and we were finally able to kind of make art.

That is our final product of the robot.,ipbits,expire,id,itag,source,requiressl,mm,mn,ms,mv,nh,pl,sc,mime,lmt&signature=8729202A43E48ACDC4DA11268E1A2D905E084E87.4AAE10CE0757561B35A391E431EEF759720E6E25&key=ck2

Some how with that horrible penguin robot we were able to make our art. We were also able to add a finishing touch to the robot by having it move back and forth, but that didn't do much.

The art was made along with the best name for a robot: The Montage. Although the robot is not what we expected, at least we still made art and a robot. We all know that this is only the beginning stages of being a true designer.


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