Jaguar annika & tanaya

The Jaguar is the largest cat in America. The JaguarĀ“s coat is yellow and tan or reddish brown to black. This species is the highest level carnivore.

This mammal roamed throughout Argentina all the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. However, over the years it has been almost entirely eliminated in the U.S. In order to survive it feeds on deer, peccary, crocodiles, snakes, frogs, monkeys, sloths, and turtles,

The main concern for these animals is habitat loss and over-hunting. The most extreme cases are in the U.S. and the Mexico borderlands. Only 70-100 animals are left in Sonora, Mexico.

Because JaguarĀ“s are being hunted so frequently they are being forced to defend themselves by attacking humans. They are having to compete with humans for food. Humans are destroying their environments by taking away their ways of camouflage and self defense.

The Northern Jaguar Reserve, initiated in 2003, covers over 55,000 acres. In order to reintroduce the species in the U.S. we must conduct a robust recovery for this mammals.

In conclusion, the jaguar is one of the largest cats in the Americas. Humans are slowly destroying their environment by deforestation. They are carnivores that feed on almost eight other species. We are working on developing a stronger habitat for this endangered species.

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