12 Tips To Becoming More Photogenic 12 tips to help you look and FEEL amazing in photographs

12 Tips To Becoming More Photogenic

Do you run when someone pulls out a camera or phone to take a shot of you? You are not alone! A lot of women and men dislike getting their picture taken and some even avoid it at all costs. But why? Is it due to awkwardness, social anxiety, low self esteem, the lack of control? Or have you just never seen an image of yourself that you are happy with? We are hoping with these 12 tips, you'll feel in control and happy with the way you present yourself to the world.

Everyone knows it takes more than a camera to make the photographer. Knowing how the body works, how to use lighting and pose correctly can make a huge difference to the outcome. We have put together some tips for taking your own portraits, think of it as a practice before your professional boudoir shoot.

1. Lighting is everything

Great lighting changes an image from bad, or OK, to amazing! Here's our tips to get the best light.

  • Natural light is the best! If you can't get outside and under the shade, find a window to stand near, to get that beautiful natural light on your skin. Keep the iPhone flash for looking for your keys in the dark.
  • Use a reflector. Grab a white card or paper and put it face up under your chin. This bounces the light up onto your face & helps to reduce dark circles and shadows under the eyes and chin.
  • Experiment. Hold the phone up and move in a 180' to see what the light does to your body/skin/face. You should notice some angles are more flattering than others.

2. Embrace your natural expressions

Getting into the right mind frame is key. If you aren't legit happy, it WILL show! Here are some ideas:

  • Close your eyes until the moment before you take the shot - you want a fresh expression that isn't forced.
  • Tilt your head a touch to one side.
  • Just before you snap, say something in your head that will make you feel fearless/ unstoppable. Something like "I am a queen" even something as simple as "yassss" (in a sassy voice)
  • Breathe through your abdomen to help you relax your shoulders, chest and mind.
  • Part your lips and breathe out as you hit the shutter.

3. Be mindful of your background

Unless you are at a particularly amazing place (jumping out of an airplane, Sydney Harbour Bridge etc), a loud background can be distracting in your photo, so try to minimise clutter or anything too bright and colorful… after all, we want to show off YOU. So stop taking selfies in the messy bedroom or god forbid.. the bathroom.

4. Don't stand square to the camera

Your shoulders are probably the widest part of your body, by turning on a 45' angle to the camera, you will minimise the shoulders width and is flattering on everyone.

5. Watch your feet

Often the next widest part of a woman's body is the hips. Feet placement can make SUCH a difference in your posture and shape & helps to accentuate your curves.

  • Do step 4 first*
  • Bend the knee closest to the camera
  • Put your weight onto the other leg

Talk about an instant waistline!

6. Posture Check

You don't want to have bad posture in general and certainly not in photographs. Here's how to keep yourself in order

  • Un-Slouch yourself
  • Think tall
  • Roll your shoulders up, back then down

7. Angle the camera down onto your body

Most ladies know this trick, hold the camera or phone above eye level and all of a sudden you have seemed to have lost that "double chin" completely (more on that later)... Now the key here is to only angle the camera down slightly. By doing so, you put emphasis on your eyes and slim the face.

8. Put the phone down!

Put the phone onto a table or dresser (above eye level), tripod or hand it over and ask someone to take the photo. Put your self timer on your phone and get your body into the picture! With some Samsung phones, you can hold up your hand (like a high 5) and it takes the shot after a mini delay. Perfect!

9. Apply that lippy!

A splash of lip colour can make you feel amazing, draws attention to the lips and makes them stand out. Lips are considered a sensual part of the body, and highlighting them can make you feel Sexy A F!

10. No babe, you don't have a double chin!

The best way to elongate your neck, is to give yourself what I call an "emu neck". Think tall first **POSTURE CHECK*, then move your chin out, then tilt down and to the side ever so slightly.

11. Do something with your hands

Were you paying attention? Yes, I know I said 10, but that totally sounds better than 11 right? Think of it as a bonus tip.. Avoid awkward hands by keeping them busy, here are some ideas for you:

  • Hold a prop (drink bottle, coffee cup, tablet, anything)
  • Fingers in the pocket (not the whole hand)
  • Hands on hip
  • Hand around chin/neck/lips
  • Hands in hair

12. Practice makes perfect

Practice practice practice!! Choose one or two of these tips to practice at a time until you have the hang of it... Soon enough you will be willing to model for your friends, not hiding when they bring the camera out.


Created with images by Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • The Honest Company - "untitled image"