The Florida Museum of Natural History by: nick hallman

Nature on Display

One exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was the Butterfly Rain forest. What made this exhibit catch my attention so vividly was the large expanse of territory the butterflies had to fly in. Often times when animals are kept in captivity, they are given small areas to call home. I felt as though these butterflies, however, had plenty of room to enjoy and go about their lives. In this exhibit particularly, I was able to see how many different species of butterflies interacted in various ways. If the butterflies were presented in a small cage with only the same species, the real life interaction of these organisms would not have been able to be observed. What I enjoyed the most about this exhibit was how uninterrupted the butterflies appeared by human presence. The facility was large enough for the butterflies to not feel trapped and have plenty of room to flutter.

Nature and Ethics

After my visit to the Natural History Museum, the views that Leopold expresses were very visible in many exhibits. Leopold tells us to "admire" the land and one exhibit I truly admired was the frog exhibit. The various colors on the frogs and the patterns they wore were a form of art. The colors made me feel like I was looking at a painting.

When it comes to respecting the entirety of the biotic community like Leopold states, was really humbled me and made me realize how big some organisms are and how small we truly are is an old bone from a sharks mouth and the old skeleton of some dinosaurs. Additionally while I stood mesmerized by some of these exhibits I noticed that many other people who crossed paths with these exhibits stood and gazed in amazement as well. Many of these exhibits allowed visitors to get a true sense of how big some of these creatures are and what it would have been like to face one of these predators in the wild.

After attending the museum, I have developed a greater respect for the environment and every single one of its residents. No organism is in any way more important or higher up than any other organism. All organisms must be treated with the same level of respect.

Nature and the Human Spirit

During my visit to the museum, what are really enjoyed was the displays on the indigenous people of Florida. The way they were perfectly in sync with the environment and world around them was something I aspired to do.

The museum allowed us to view the world and in a way we don't normally get to see it. Certain things in the world that we usually overlook were now explained and presented in a way that allowed us to understand them. An example of this is caves. Usually I see caves and never question their place in this world; however, today I was able to gain knowledge about the world making me much closer to my surroundings and inspiring me to develop a greater level of respect for the natural world.

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