WIRED MAGAZINE: Partner and media kit 2021. Includes rate card, copy and publication dates.

OUR PURPOSE: Our mission is to increase the profile of fencing as a recognised profession and encourage a high level of workmanship through knowledge and standards.

TOGETHER: Behind our strong and lasting partnerships is a continued mutual vision to see the fencing industry grow, in securing sustainable training and in quality standards of safety and professionalism. We believe that working together is key.

RAISING STANDARDS: We are driven, as a non-profit, by a passion for the betterment of something bigger than ourselves. We are here because we single-mindedly believe, that together, we can make improvements for our industry - for Contractors, Partners and people needing a fence!


Approachability - we are authentic, work to understand the value our members and partners need, then collaborate to deliver this.

Leadership - we are happy to lead the way.

Growth - we aim for growth in our group, in safety standards, in recognition of multiple trade categories, in knowledge, and capacity.

Passion - we have passion and energy for what we do.

Connection - we understanding the real value in strong relationships and partnering.

Partner opportunities

Partner opportunities come with direct access to Fencing Contractors in New Zealand and Internationally. Fencing Contractors NZ is in a unique position to be the only National body to represent and have easy access to multiple segments of the fencing market. Whether targeting rural, industrial or security fencing clients, Partners immediately realise value in brand awareness, market penetration and product promotion - right with the people who use their merchandise. As well as direct access, there is also a strong alignment with a non-profit association who is driven to make things better for everyone in the trade.

The WIRED Magazine

  • WIRED Magazine has National and International distribution, on a quarterly basis.
  • 56% readers are located in the North Island, 42% in the South Island.
  • 88% of our readers are Fencing Contractors, providing fencing services through out New Zealand.
  • Our readers are business owners, decision makers and end users of fencing products.
  • 22% of our readers are connected to National and International industry related organisations.

Advertising specifications

Strategic, Gold, Silver and Bronze Partners receive different benefits and advertising rates within the WIRED Magazine, please refer to your Partner level agreement or contact our team: info@fencingcontractors.co.nz.

Booking forms are emailed to you two months in advance of publication dates, follow up provided and design services are available. Editorials are offered on new fencing related products or field use, this is conditional of space and approval.

Contact Fencing Contractors NZ team 0508 432 269 or email info@fencingcontractors.co.nz

WIRED dates 2022

March 2022 Edition - booking deadline 21 January, copy deadline 28 January 2022.

June 2022 Edition - booking deadline 22 April, copy deadline 29 April 2022.

September 2022 Edition - booking deadline 22 July, copy deadline 29 July 2022.

December 2022 Edition - booking deadline 21 October, copy deadline 28 October 2022.

Or to simply book an advert or editorial email info@fencingcontractors.co.nz or call the team on 0508 432269.

Fencing Contractors NZ, PO Box 3232, Greerton 3142


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