REBJ GAMES - PROCESS diary By Brooklyn

With the new addition of Frances Monaghan

Research questions

What is the "computer game industry financial worth"?

The video game industry was valued in 2016 at $99.6 billion which is 8.4 percent higher than last year which was $91.5 billion. This year the video industry is meant to reach $107 billion by the end of the year.

What is the video gaming population?

in 2015 statistics about who are playing the video games in Australia are men in their 30s. But for children, the statistics say that kids aged 6-15 play the most video games. 95% of homes in Australia have a console or some sort of device. 47% of gamers are now woman, and this has increased from 2008 when only 38% of the gamers were woman. Most people in Australia only sit down for an hour (67%) and only 3% were 5 hours or more in one sitting.

Gender breakdown (how many boys play vs how many girls play)

84% of boys play video games and 59% of girls play video games. 91% of kids aged between 2-17 play video games on technology.

Name some other video game companies

Valve, Nintendo, BioWare, Rockstar, a UbiSoft, EA sports, Electronic art, Sega.

Name some video game platforms (the devices/operating systems games are played on)

X box, PlayStation, tablet, iPad, iPod, iPhone, smartphones, wii, Nintendo, consoles

What is video game addiction?

video games have to have something that makes people want to play it, if it is aesthetically pleasing or it has a simple task that is very addictive or maybe it has great graphics. Video game addiction is when someone is excessively playing the console or device and they are slowly becoming obsessed. This is what video game makers are trying to achieve.

What is eSports?

eSports stands for electronic sports which consists of competitive gameplay between players using a video game. Although Esports may seem like a non sport that shares little to no similarities to the traditional demanding Basketball or Football, many would be surprised to learn how alike they really are.

Name some video game genres

action, adventure, survival, shooter games, fighting games, sporting games.

Images that reflect our game:

You jump out of the plane
You are falling to the ground
You have to collect a parachute( you have more than one chance to get one) & you can collect gems and other thinks but you also have to dodge things like rocks, clouds, birds and other things.
Once you collect your parachute you can go to the ground
You now land safely on the ground and win prizes and go to the next level


This is a flow chart of how the game will work.

Ideas for Forever falling

Levels. You have to collect your parachute before you complete the levels.You have more than one chance to collect a parachute so you don't die straight away if you miss it.

Forever falling

Object of game is to reach the bottom safely with your parachute and to complete all levels.

Objects that are going to dodge






Toy rockets









Torrential rain



Fire balls

To escape the forever falling you have to collect a parachute, but there are three chances and if you don't get one you have two other chances to collect a parachute otherwise you fall and die

Game description

The game forever falling consists of you jumping out of a plane and falling to the ground. Once you jump out of the plane you have to dodge different objects such as rocks, birds, toy rockets, clouds and kites. You also have to collect a parachute so you can land and go to the next level. You have three chances to get a parachute so you won't die straight away. If you don't collect any parachutes you fall to the ground and die, which means you have to retry the level again. If you collect a parachute and dodge all the obstacle you have to try and land on the ground. If you land on the ground you complete the level ad go on to the next level. Each level it becomes harder to dodge the obstacles and also there will be different weather conditions like lots of wind, rain, hail or storms.

Game scenes

These are some scenes of the game forever falling.

This is when you are about to jump out of the plane.
This is when your parachute falls out of the plane and you then jump to get it.

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