Everything About Mac Pro 2019 Features and lists

At first, when you are going to unbox the Mac Pro 2019, you are going to realize that it is exceptionally heavy and it will make sense why they are offering wheels with it. It weighs around 8kg or 39.7lb. Its dimensions in base configurations are 52.9cm x 45cm x 21.8cm. Mac Pro 2019 comes with magic mouse 2 with a braided lightning cable which is the most high-quality lightning cable Apple has ever made.

While the 2019 Mac Pro features a more traditional PC shape than its predecessor, it's still Apple-esque with a stainless steel frame and an aluminum housing that provides 360-degree access to the system. There are also optional wheels.

Handles are built into the frame to make the Mac Pro easy to move around, and it adopts a lattice design that some have likened to a cheese grater. Apple says the lattice pattern maximizes airflow and allows for quiet performance.

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