Avion Pharmaceuticals LLC Pharmaceutical sales representative

About Avion Pharmaceuticals:

  • Specialty pharmaceutical company focused on women healthcare and dermatology
  • Develops and markets supplement products for women's health
  • Rising company in pharmaceutical industry (started in 2011)

Reasons to work for Avion Pharmaceuticals:

  • Company Culture & Growth Potential
  • Avion Product Launches
  • Industry Opportunity & Independence

Company Culture & Growth Potential

  • Small but fast growing company with opportunity for advancement
  • Avion acquires 200,000 new patients annually
  • Avion offers a stepping stone into the industry

Avion Product Launches

  • Avion launched Prenate Vitamins
  • The company established a franchise with Nicomide
  • Avion identifies gaps in women's health industry

Industry Opportunity & Independence

  • Medical sales professionals are some of the highest earners in the healthcare industry
  • Increased experience leads to increased pay
  • Pharmaceutical sales is not a cubicle job

In Conclusion:

  • Avion Pharmaceuticals offers a unique company culture & potential
  • The company has made several successful product launches
  • There is an opportunity for independence in this profitable industry


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