Dreams And Aspirations By: luke hockersmith

Dream- a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind.

Aspiration- a hope or ambition of achieving something.

Dreams and aspirations can be very detrimental or positive in someone's life. As you were younger you were thought to reach for your dreams and don't let anyone get in your way. This can be true if you have a reasonable dream. If the dream is reasonable it will benefit your life but if it is far fetched or extreme then it can damage your life. As showed in these stories there were two different types of dreams and the out come was very different.

Of Mice and Men

In "Of Mice and Men" dreams and aspirations were very important to the story. In "Of Mice and Men" George and Lennie wanted to have there very own peace of land and not worry about anything else but living of the land. That was there dream and that is what they worked for in the story. This is a very reasonable dream and they worked hard for it.

This dream positively befenited George and Lennie through out the main part of the story, it even started to benefit candy, a worker on the farm.

The only reason they did not get the dream is that Lennie got him self into great trouble and was sadly killed. If this would of never happened they would most likely have the land.

The Necklace

In "The Naecklace" Dreams and aspirations were also extremely important. With out this part of the story ther would be no story. Mathilde Loisel, the protagonist of the story, wanted to be rich and weathly, which was her dream. This could be a reasonable dream but how she stared to proceed that dream was not the completely right way, which caused it to be very unrealistic. And caused her to be in extreme debt

Mathilde Loisel was in the mid class range of wealth, but she wanted to be very rich. This dream was very negative to her and the people around her. Was was invited to a party and barrowed and necklace which seemed to be very expensive. She lost that necklace and went into 10 years of debt.

Her dream was wanting to be rich was not a very smart dream for her and it caused her to be very poor, not rich.

Jurassic Park

I chose "Jurassic Park" for my modern example. In Jurassic park they owners and the scientists had a dream to bring back dinosaurs. They started to work and find out how to do this. Soon enough they brought back some dinosaurs. They want to make a park out of this, so they did. After a little time past some things got out of hand and they had to shut down the park

In this story/ movie the owners dream positively and negatily affected him. He did forfil his dream and brought back dinosaurs. But in the end they could not handle them any more and he lost all the progress he had worked for.

The dream was very far fetched but some how forfilled his dream but it did fail in the enc

So what

Dreams and aspiration are a very important part of modern day society, they push people to start sucessful businesses and build huge towers. They drive people to create greatness, but as shown in some of these story's dreams are not so good. If they are to big or impassable they can be very destructive to you and even the people around you.

We should learn to set dreams and achieve those dreams but not to make them crazy or extreme

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