Police Brutality By Wyatt Reinbold


Brutality: savage physical violence; great cruelty.

Hazards: a danger or risk.

Avoidable: able to be avoided or prevented.

Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Stereotype: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Ethnicity: the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

How are the police Academies and Stations around the world going about all this? Are they changing their training method at all?

Everyone has heard about all the police violence in the world going on right now. The cops shooting, kill, or beating innocent people or in some cases non innocent people. Or the cops getting killed in the line of duty. But just how are the police academies and stations around the world going about all this? Are they changing their training method at all? Some police stations like Buffalo New York are increasing their per year police training from 16 hours to 21 hours of training a year. In hopes of putting more knowledge into the officers more on current matters. Like how to control their temper or how to help the mentally ill that may or may not cause harm and how to deal with them in a hot situation. They have also created a police oversight committee which deals with police brutality and police shootings. In the meeting they talk about how to prevent the innocents from happen and what more they can teach their officers to do in a situation that might end up deadly for either them or others. All that Buffalo New York is trying to do is make the streets safe and make people respect the cops again not fear or hate them.

When and why did people start hating cops so much?

People didn't always hate cops they used to respect them and look up to them. It used to be a job that was well respected and liked. But just recently the curtains have been lifted. And cops are being exposed for doing their job either the right or wrong way. Joshua krause from the daily sheeple says “In the past it wasn't unusual for someone to become a cop with nothing but a high school degree, and academy training. Now most departments demand a 2 year college degree.” the recent spike in police brutality may be because the cops are not getting the right or enough schooling that they should be getting. This leads to cops getting scared and hurting someone or not learning on how to control their emotions in a sticky situations. Esha Parvati from the lawyer says that “People are also upset at trigger-happy cops who shoot and kill minorities, children, mentally disabled, mentally ill and elderly at an alarmingly high frequency.” this statement may or may not be fully true because the media is sometimes biased and states false facts. Or how much they are actually showing is real.

How does the media portray the police? And how much of it is actually true?

It seems like everyday when you turn on the TV there's a new story on a police shooting of police brutality. Is there really more police brutality or is the media just showing it more and exposing the police and putting them in danger and ,making a bad name for all police all over the America. Kristyatrant a writer from stortify.com says “One story about a bad cop makes the top news story, while many hundreds of other good cops doing their job well, protecting society, are stories that remain unheard.” This constant showing of only bad cops being shown is leading to a stereotype of all cops and people lashing out against them violently or verbally. Kristyantrant a writer from Stortify.com syas that “The media teaches us that being pulled over by a police officer can mean facing serious consequences, even abuse.” the media is probably the number 1 factor that puts bad images on the police making the public hate the and fear them. The media is biased and only takes one side against the police hoping for an up rise and more stories to report.

Do some cops need to go back to do some new training? And learn new stuff in order for the media to get off their backs.

Everyone is disgracing the cops and hating on the cops because of what they have become in everyone's eyes. Stone cold killers. But very few people come up for a solution about this huge problem. Tracey Meares, a professor at Yale Law School and a member of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing,says that “There’s a set of training that is designed to help officers deal with situations that become escalated because of emotions and because the person they’re dealing with might have mental challenges.” traceys plan to help the cops out with their emotions and how to control them seems like a very good solution if we can train our police to stay calm and remember their other training then I bet their will be way less fatalities.

Seth stoughton a former police officer who has served in multiple departments says “Use-of-force training should also emphasize de-escalation and flexible tactics in a way that minimizes the need to rely on force, particularly lethal force. Police agencies that have emphasized de-escalation over assertive policing, such as Richmond, California, have seen a substantial decrease in officer uses of force.” This just shows that with the right training cops can and will do better in the field and when they get into a hot situation they will act right and do their job properly. So with the right training police will operate better and keep people safer.

What does the future look like for cops now? If they follow through with all of these training classes?

The future of policing is here with the new body cams that over 75 percent of police are wearing their is said to be a drop in crime and a safer more humble appeal around the police community.

Corky Siemaszko a NBC News writer tells a story of a cop that got footage of a police shooting “The harrowing footage captured on the WOLFCOM body camera connected to his police radio showed 44-year-old Ronnie McNary shouting "Kill me! Kill me!" and refusing to stop the bloody assault before Wilson opened fire.” Stories like these are stories that no one would have believed before the police cams. People would have just said police are bad people and break out around the cop. But now people are slowly trusting the cops more and reposting them.

Dr. Wesley G. Jennings, principal investigator for the study and associate chair in USF’s Department of Criminology, said “Many officers reported that the equipment changed citizen behavior and helped to de-escalate confrontations between civilians and police. They also said body cameras improved evidence collection” so here we have it the future of policing is here to save the lives of cops all over the world and save citizens lives too. People will start to feel safer and more protected from the cops. And the real bad guys and the crazies will be shown for everyone to see.



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