Growth Project Kaisa menkhaus

For this project we were creating an image in a lino cut and used ink to make prints out of them. We had to choose an endangered animal or plant to cut into the lino cut. I choose a manatee. I made three sketches to see which one I wanted to use for this project. The assignment goal was to make a smooth. complete print of out lino cut. We had to make 10 or more printed lino cuts and pick the one that was the best; not too much ink but not too little.

sketch #1
sketch #2
sketch #3

Planning: I chose the manatee because I did a project on them in 5th grade. I found 3 photos of manatees on the internet and after I sketched them I asked the people around me which one I should use for the lino cut. Most people chose sketch #1 because the manatee was eating a carrot.

I would often have too little ink. A couple of times I had a bit too much in some places on the paper. I also cut too deep or too thin sometimes. The second day of cutting I cut my self. I kind of forgot how it happened, "I all just happened so fast."

Lino Cut after attempting to wash off all the ink

Progress: First, I made 3 sketches. I chose the 1st one. Then, I cut out the manatee before I cut the fish, rocks, and seaweed. After the lino cutting was finished I printed with ink about 11 times. I chose the final copy and placed it on top of all the rest. At the end of the class you had to wash the lino cut board to get the ink off.

best print
another wider visual

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