Triangle factory fire-Frances Perkins By:Donovan pimEntel

The triangle fire happened because of a match or a cigarette. The fire was a really dangerous thing to happen the fire killed over 200 women and men. The fire also became a memory to many people so some people were scared and made up ideas. The fire nearly killed everyone in the building but luckily the elevator was there. The fire became one of the dangerous fires in the world and now it is just a distant memory to most of the people.

Frances Perkins was a important person in the fire, she got involved because she was just having tea at the Washington Square. Frances heard the fire alarms and smelled smoke. Frances ran to the ash building and seen the fire right before her eyes and the fire started her career to make labor laws. Frances made a lot of changes to all the factory's she became a U.S. department of labor laws. Also Frances studyed the fire and created more labor laws for more of the factory's that get involved in fires.

The action that Frances Perkins toke was labor laws Frances made a company to change factory's. Frances Perkins made a lot of changes to the factory's. Frances made all work buildings and factory's more safe because of the things she thought of. Frances Perkins made a big change to the factory's and the work places by inventing a lot of new stuff. Frances Perkins invented a lot of new stuff to improve work places and factory's to keep them safe from fires.

Frances Perkins made a lot of changes to all the factory's by making a lot of labor laws and a lot of other stuff. Frances made the fire alarm to help the people worn them that the fire is coming before it happens. Frances also made the door that locked on the outside and was open on the inside it was locked on the outside because so late comers won't come in late. Frances also made the fire extinguisher so when there is a fire the fire extinguisher can take it out with white foam that takes out the fire quick. Frances made changes to all factory's so when there is a fire the people that are in the building to save a lot of people.

In conclusion Frances Perkins was a really good person to make a lot of new stuff to save people's life's. Frances also made a lot of people be more safe in buildings because of all the new stuff that Frances made. Frances Perkins made so many things to make the environment safe from fire. Frances was a very nice person but when she seen that fire she became more interested in labor laws and was more concentrated in improving the factory's. 

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