Project C Owen Hey

Birmingham was one of the most racist, segregated and unaccepting cities in the south.

Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever - George Wallace, Governor of Birmingham

George Wallace was the epitome of a racist southerner. His quote shows that southerners such as him had no plans to change their views no matter what happened. Up until his death, he almost certainly still believed in segregation and white supremacy. He shows that to many of these segregationists, it was a basic principle of life, and not something to be argued.

To fight this racism, anti-segregation activists start "Project C".

The government of Birmingham did not respond kindly.

The police force pushes back the protesters, who are mostly children, with attack dogs and fire hoses.

Over the span of 5 days, over 2000 children are put into jail. Their protests had been peaceful.

"We'll be ready for them [the freedom riders], too" - The "Bull" Connor

Eugene "The Bull" Connor was one of the most racist human beings to ever walk on American soil. Throughout his years as the President of the Public Service Commission and the Commissioner of Public safety, he enacted many laws that specifically targeted black Americans. His rise to power shows the overwhelming support of segregation and white supremacy that was prevalent in the South. He won with overwhelming numbers in his elections, which shows the general consensus during that time. This quote shows that he was not willing to compromise with the Civil Rights Activists, and he was ready to shut them down without exception.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a huge role in Project C, and after 38 days of struggle, the city promised to desegregate public facilities. However, this did not last long.

Birmingham broke its promise, which led to violent riots around the city.

Project C was one of the first full on protests against segregation in the south, and unfortunately it was not very successful.

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