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South Korea

I really love the culture of South Korea. Korea is a country full of tourist places, traditions, customs, history and above all, it counts on a good quality of life. People who travel here say that it is an unforgettable experience because you can visit museums, travel by subway, go to nightly events and many other things.

Typical foods from South Korea

I am looking for typical foods from South Korea and found the three main ones: The bulgogi is South Korea's main meat dish, a grilled veal preparation that is served on almost all Korean foods. Kimchi is the most famous garrison in South Korea, both locally and internationally. The bibimbap, which literally means 'mixed rice'. It is a Korean rice dish consisting of common rice, topped with minced meat, assorted vegetables and an egg. This dish is traditionally served during the Lunar New Year.

Desserts and Snacks

Yesterday, I was researching about the desserts or snacks that exist in South Korea and I found that they were similar to those in Mexico, for example: Macaroni, Ice Cream, Pringles and I found a new one, Ramen. Ramen is a kind of instant soup with different flavors. Also, there are different flavors and presentations for ice creams, in fact, Mexico came in this month, a Korean ice cream company.

Korean Fashion

When I finish my career, I would like to be a designer of Korean clothing fashions, because I love how they dress and, above all, their designs.

Yes, today you are beautiful too

Finally, I would like to travel to Korea because I have not tried traditional foods and I have not met Korea. I would like to visit several Korean museums and visit the famous Korean clothing stores.

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